Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

from lyrics to moves

In today's day and age, life has become synonymous with dullness, anxiety, tensions and what not!!!!! so how do you wind up guys?????? these days we plan in advance as to how will will relax and rejuvenate the coming weekend....so how do you???? 

a) going to a friend's place....

b) calling your buddies over to your place....

c) Catching up with your sleep or pending household works....

d) watching a new release at a near theater....

e) going to an electrifying live concert....

well, everyone has different tastes and inclinations for spending their precious weekend but for me

sensation unlimited

We go through a variety of emotions in our routine life ranging from love, laughter, hatred, jealousy, anger, regret, passion, frustration, anguish, insecurities blah blah blah..that sometimes so many emotions get clubbed that we just don't have the patience to sort it out so either we burst out with anger or in sobs because of lack of options to vacate the pent up emotions from within!!!!! so, it is advisable not to do

Friday, 12 June 2015

finding my identity to turn in to a YRF Diva bride

Since childhood, we hear all ladies including moms, grannies, aunties, buas, mausis sitting and chatting how they would dress and dance in the marriage of the kids of the house ranging from the eldest to the youngest...no partialities indeed <3 ...they discuss the to-be-marriage of their favorite kid as if its gonna happen tomorrow with so much engrossment and curosity that the child being discussed actually starts visualizing his/her wedding and the kid whose marriage is discussed would be listening to the details mesmerized and fascinated.....so the dreams of one getting married one day decked up satiny and lustrous outfits, heavy jewelery, flowered pandaals committed to the most beautiful partner keeps oozing in your mind's flashback time and again and you start waiting for the day eagerly....
Same happened with me either....but with a twist....everything was perfect among a flaw.....the social flaw......

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I am alone in relationship

Whenever i Google something on Internet, the most searched keywords are love and relationships......with the relationships getting complex and friable; and the egos and attitudes getting massive,every second person searches the Internet for either relationship advice or understanding relationships....... be it understanding the other partner or solving their troubles cropping up......Though relationship is a mutual agreement by two consenting individuals who partner with each other to share their lives either temporary or permanent but why is it so that in majority of liaisons, one partner is the isolated one while the other is oblivious of the situation...why is it so that in a relationship which involves two people voluntarily, one is not et all happy and content while the other keeps changing his objectives of happiness and repletion....what if one partner wanna talk to another and the latter isn't simply interested... the latter may simply reject the proposal which may have many reasons for the person dismissing siting reasons like :

a. he/she may say that the time of stupid talks is over, we are mature individuals not mushy teenagers.

b. he/she may say

Saturday, 6 June 2015

how to deal a heart break in my way

yes, the first apple, the apple of love is definitely the most eaten apple around the world followed by the other two apples. In an age where emotions and relationships are as fragile as fine bone china where even a fraction of disturbances of ego and attitude is more than enough to strike a cacophony, where you take relationships as objectives of selfish use, self-contentment, show-off, impasse and ultimately goal-oriented and driven by motives; where the threads of love,trust and respect are fugitive. If one relationship is over, people tend to look for another forgetting the inestimable moments and feelings one relationship brings along and the time spent in building the relationship while accepting the sane and insane qualities of the partner and the aftermath that person endures who is just not as strong as you to bear the heartburn......i too have gone through heartbreaks and still continue to rake in the moolah, but with age and experience, i am getting wiser and practical but not completely, you know i can lie to myself but not to my lovely readers......but as a heart-heavy tormented teenager, nobody gave me out the ways to deal a heartbreak and i would doom myself with hunger, didn't bath for days altogether, listened to sad songs on that old tape-recorder,reacted erroneously with anyone who talked about any other's(third person's) break-up, wasted my treasured time mourning the withdrawal of my partner from my life but never found guts to move ahead till someone approached from the other side. Why is it so that some people find it too difficult to move over while others see such ease in to going ahead with "available" tag nailed on them....i have figured out some ways to help you ease out

Friday, 5 June 2015




An open and very different (cliche') girl ultimately falls in love with a man much older to her and marries him with exuberant expectations but after four years gets bored from her non-happening life and comes back to her native place to live her colorful life which she's habitual of......

Dear readers, Let's go step by step

1.Characteristics of Tanu:- a Delhi university graduate with a child like behaviour who doesn't bother about society, not even her parents.The protagonist lives in her Disneyland with a rowdy boyfriend and her only purpose of life is makeup,liquor, random traveling with anyone and unadulterated fun including dancing and singing.    

1. What were Tanu's expectations from her marriage

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

every woman is a leader in herself

Ever since the inception of understanding in my mind, it has been on a 24 X 366(leap included...why leave even one day.......it means a lot to a poky and curious mind like me) overtime duty to be critical,analytical and substantially unpartial; evolving and clearing the thought process, i have seen a striking contrast of actions and conversations in my vicinity, specific as well as general.....

Friday, 29 May 2015

Summer vacation Special

Hey dear all,summers are here again……..so its fun and travel time. You all must be packing your bags to beat the heat at some cool place to get respite from the scorching heat. The shopping sprees has already begun for the things to be taken along, the places are already being hunt to visit with the Internet connection and Google working overtime...... but all the mommies like me worry a lot about

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Voyage To Motherhood

As every other normal girl, i had dreams of having a dream partner and living a blissful life with cute little kids. Motherhood is a surprising and thrilling voyage where you fall and get up every other day however prepared you are, you are happy and content amidst all the chaos of circumstances where you are not sure what you will experience next<3 <3 . Motherhood to me has been a journey full of surprises, uncertainties and WHAT-TO-DO-NEXT THINGS for me where i kept running for advises and ways to raise my first child, my son

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Good Mother Vs Bad Mother

Motherhood is an emotion which if cherished and treasured from heart will last even beyond the physical life and a lifetime will feel to be very less time to embrace it completely. It has a rainbow of emotions to sail through. When we talk about being a mother, it brings a lot of fond, happy, cherishable, sweet, loving moments along with it where you live each and every feeling either fleeting or stable with equal joy and excitement but motherhood is equally a huge responsibility which needs to be handled very carefully. There's a fine line between a good mother and a bad mother. WHAT!!!!!!

early sports a benefactor aid to your upbringing

“I’m blogging about why children should be encouraged to participate in sports from an early age for the #chotaSportstar activity at Sports365.in.

As breathe is to living so a play is to children.......playing is an integral part of growing up that almost every child has faced that "IN" moment in his childhood where he felt like a king (who has just won the entire universe) winning the cricket match or the badminton match with his neighborhood kids. The winner takes pride in being the hero and hogs the limelight wherein the loosers pledge to win next time at any cost aka #chotaSportstar ..... When i was a kid,I used to skip sometimes my homework and would find ways to beep out of house when in afternoon everyone was sleeping around, our gang of six kids(including boys and girls as well) would be playing cricket in our street. Many a times we were caught red handed by our peers especially mothers when they sent lookouts for us after not locating us at home; in blazing sun.Though it was our fault majority of times when

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Myntra #ItsPersonal Tantra

Hey Lovelies!!!!!!!

A warm welcome to you all. Before taking the conversation further, Let me introduce myself first.......

  • I am a perfect woman who loves to explore and discover new arenas.
  • I am a lovely fashionista wife whose husband always love to drive around with her and her sense of style and creativity is the hot topic of discussion among his colleagues.
  • I am a complete diva in tune with latest updation of my fashion sense at regular intervals and never ever make a fashion error.
  • I am a perfect blend of modern and traditional woman in my presentation and many are jealous of my signature style.
  • To add a cheery on the cake is

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Lets de-stress mommies...Go the Parachute way

As mothers, we ladies are beautiful gift from god who are so lively, abundant, giving and find solace in giving more than receiving and still we are left with so much love, care, persistence, tolerance and sane-sense till the end of eternity and are never short of goodness that nature has given us. Loving and giving are our second nature, we keep on giving love, care and sacrifices to the beautiful relationships we have in our lives which are our only treasure. We can't see any loved one in pain or grim, we sort out the biggest matter in our hands and dive in to unknown territories to save and protect our relations, We are extreme givers and the queens of emotional empires. We run an entire home on our petite and fragile shoulders but don't even sigh!!!!!!! We fight with the world and even the most powerful almighty has bowed to our endeavors as Sati fought with god to bring back life in to her dead husband. We are lovers, givers, friends, creators, believers, achievers and what not????? If a woman has to be defined in a word even by Albert Einstein,

Friday, 8 May 2015

Mom-my best reflection mirror

Some days before while working in kitchen, i heard my 3 year old daughter talking to someone loudly........i was taken aback because no one was at home. I immediately rushed to the room finding her talking to the wall; saying " Aap to meri kabhi baat sunte hi nahi ho, har waqt phone me lage rehte ho, itna hi pyaar tha mobile se to shaadi bhi isi se karni thi na". It was a jolt to me as i never expected her to catch and repeat my words which i spoke to my hubby day before yesterday in an argument. But why did she catch my words not anybody else's as we live in a joint family?????

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Every day is woman's day

08:10 AM Mom! Mom! Where's my tie????? It's in your drawer Beta.
08:12 AM  Mom! Mom! Where are my socks??? It's in your cupboard beta
08:15 AM  Mom! Mom! Where are my ribbons????? Go beta! Check the dressing table.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Mom, the solution of every problem we face in our lives, the most reliable, the most dependable godly entity where our problems flew away in a bit just by a golden touch, a search engine where you just register a slight voice command and  you can just locate anything in the universe, no googling required. A word which

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Ever since the inception of understanding in my mind, it has been on a 24 X 366(leap included...why leave even one day.......it means a lot to a poky and curious mind like me) overtime duty to be critical,analytical and substantially unpartial; evolving and clearing the thought process, i have seen a striking contrast of actions and conversations in my vicinity, specific as well as general....As in our traditional households,little girls are taught the so called values and morals she must learn and practice to attain the ultimate goals of her life- to be a good wife,a perfect daughter-in-law, a loving sister-in-law and so on.....along with teaching her methodologies to do and what no to do where

Sunday, 3 May 2015

#Google #Is #My #Best #Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed....though it has been an old saying but its meaning has proved correct time n again however generations may have passed by though..........Childhood, teenage and adulthood has been times when my mom used to beware us(all three siblings) by saying everyday we left for school or tuition with countless advises as every caring and loving Punjabi mother would do like stay alert while walking, keep your secrets to yourself, don't give your house address to anyone, don't talk to strangers and especially; don't trust everyone....my momma is like

Saturday, 18 April 2015

What If i land a prestigious contract for an advertisement


Reading to this blog-post has its own side effects ranging from dream consciousness to anxiety of being big to exposure to the grey areas of being big or ROFL.....whatsoever!!!!!! The writer has no responsibility if the reader becomes ill due to sarcasm or has to see a doctor and will bear no medical charges or mental damage repairs!!!!!!!! 

Dreaming big is contagious you know and therapeutic as well... it releases the toxins collected in the body of the dreamer via comments, circumstances, peer pressure, failure or unfulfilled wishes and the person feels light and ready to conquer the world all over again.... i don't know about others but for me it is....for the past twenty years, i have been winning highly prestigious awards like padmavibhushan and national award, winning a fortune with millions and leaving behind people like Mittals, Tatas and Ambanis in the Forbes list of richest people, have been invited by the likes of Mr. Barack Obama, Mr Bill gates and Mr. George Bush.  The other day

Thursday, 16 April 2015

#CrashTheSystem #BoleToItsMyStyle

10:10 AM  I am in the middle of the preparation of breakfast, suddenly i heard a sweet voice from behind. My two and a half year daughter is singing loudly "Aam to ab har mausam mile hai.... gili gili gili gili gili ". Listening to her unclear and broken words make me smile and wonder that she's growing up too fast remembering all the advertisements displaying on TV or the serial's initial beginning songs. I simply remember her a tiny bundle of pink skin in my arms....o my shona!!!!!! Now coming back to her singing, The talked about mazza commercial appears in the midst of tea breaks, match breaks or abruptly in the serial breaks because the summer has arrived so the season of quenching the thirst <3 <3. 

Remembering the sequences of the ad, a police inspector is sitting in his jeep with his fellows and sipping mazza furiously as if there is no tomorrow and here comes the poor fellow with his veil-clad "BIBI" to complain about the miss of his cow but the inspector refuses to listen to his plead. The inspector doesn't want to skip a single moment leaving his beloved mazza and carelessly tells the poor man " Teri gaay to charte charte wapis aa javegi,Par mhara aam ka season ek baar gayo to gayo......then the poor man signals his wife and his wife suddenly produces a mazza bottle from under her clothes; and the man proudly says "Par aam to ab har mausam mile hai"...Sipping his favorite fruit mango

Monday, 13 April 2015

The #DilKiDeal which turned me more human

The narrative takes me long back when i was a seven year old and a very naughty child to deal with. My paa is a very kind and loving man devoid of any bad habit, all in all an angel in disguise. My father worked in a bank as a head cashier where he was everyone's favorite.He was so kind that my mom used to call him second Mother Teresa. There worked a peon with my paa who was his favorite.....Ghanshyam...Ghanshyam was an integral part and parcel of the bank and was associated with the bank from day one sine the day it started functioning and my father was his favorite too. He would do all his works like file transferring, getting his food from OTG, fetching him tea, photocopying on immediate basis leaving all other works. He even called our family to his wedding. Life was sailing smooth.

Then one day, i listened my father crying

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ebay and 24coupons.com make the best combo

ebay is the best on line marketplace where you can find almost everything ranging from computers to electronics, fashion to fashion accessories, Mobile phones, digital cameras i Pods, shoes, candles, furniture, jewellery, watches, handicrafts, kurtas, perfumes, microwave ovens, toys, baby products, weighing scales, and much much more... ebay has a unique concept of letting you buy the product at your prices by bidding option...yes!!! Now, you can finally pay what you want not what the seller wants to sell at!!!!!! Not only this, you can associate with ebay in more than one way..for example, if you are a seller or own a business, promote your business and sell as well, ebay will join your hands to lead you forward on to the path of success and growth; or if you have some unused stuff lying in the nook and corners of your home, turn it in to money with ebay.in . ebay-ing has become such a rage

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

When a heart striked a deal with another heart

Though we have watched unlimited love stories unfolding on cinema and finding pity on the central characters for their inability to unite either via running away or dying with each other; or cursing their immediate families or comminating the villain but how many of us have seen a real life story or been a part of where the story is woven around hate,suspense, drama and thrill.....where every second brings another wave of excitement and fear as to what will happen next!!!!! <3 <3 So here i am gonna share a love story with all the right elements at the right place which has a witness who's sharing it with you.......its about my bestie Dolly and the love of the life. she's a true blue Punjabi with a beautiful chubby face, creamish skin, round and big eyes, a big heart and a never say die spirit,full of life and elegance personified. she used to wear large patiyala salwaars with short kurtis with embroided chunnis which i loved like hell and boys drooling all over her sine morning till she get home. twinkle in her eyes would made my day and the sweetness in her talks would melt any stone's heart away. we both were in our last year of college in Amritsar living our college life in masti and ignorance, blissfully happy in our own bubble and caring none for the world outside....roaming on the streets bunking a class or two, eating gol gappe together, discussing fashion, criticizing teachers or fellow students, bitching about the modern girls in our college and many many many things.....all in all, the days were flying away in a jiffy. One day when i reached college, i couldn't find her in class so i issued a search warrant

Saturday, 28 March 2015

beauty lies in eyes

yesteryears were great days where no one judged us from our appearance or looks but just from the goodness in our hearts, the sweetness in our talks, the gratitude in our actions and respect for our elders and most importantly, our character!!!!!!! But the days flew off in jiffy and here we are standing in "ghor Kaliyug" (It is said that King Kali wanted to rule humanity so he extensively worshiped lord Vishnu and when the lord was pleased , he was granted the wish that in his rule people will be easily influenced by badness n show-off and would remain neutral from goodness that's why in Kaliyug new idioms came in existence like "Bhalai ka zamana nahi hai", "Chor chor mausere bhai", Ye Kaliyug hai yahan aisa nahi hota" and "Kis zamane ki baat kar rahe ho") where we are judged by the variety and brand of our clothes, the number and type of shoes, floaters we wear, the expensive perfumes we utilize, the utilities and comforts we have at our homes, the big and expensive cars and everything associated with maintaining outer standards and of course, if you are bespectacled like me what brand you wear on your eyes to beautify them............

Yyyyyyeeesssssssss...to beautify them.....gone are the days when we used to buy things as per our requirements or needs and would only keep the purpose of our purchase the sole criteria as our target like Arjun would only see the eyeball of fish, nothing else.....but nowadays, along with the purpose, the cost-effectiveness, the stylish nature, the suitability and adaptability on our face and the aura it adds to our face to personify it are the major boosting points while purchasing any eye wear. Moreover, a funky eye wear maybe spectacles or goggles has become a prestige issue for youngsters like us to flaunt in our peer group. There is variety of eye wear available in the market be it off-line or on-line for a variety of reasons:-

a)To hide your facial flaws

b)To accentuate your strong facial features
c)To give appearance to your face slimmer/fuller as per the case
d)To make you look mature 
e)To give your face an innocent child like look
f)To make your facial beauty more highlighted
G)The plain glass look- Some people just love to flaunt glass look without requirement or to add funk to their total look and stand out....no wonder than that i have quite a number of eye wear in my personal collection to standout in crowd or just be different (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

adding oomph to my look 

Though it has become a norm for adults to accentuate their look or transforming whenever possible and affordable but kids are not lagging behind. My kids are too fond of the eye wear too...love flaunting their looks and get clicked..

  Here comes my girl's second look

before some days, my son asked me to get him a cat-eye glasses so that he can flaunt them in front of his classmates and yes to add some sex-appeal to his looks (the meaning of what he said to me- mamma, main bhi apki tarah acha dikhna chahta hoon taaki log meri tareef karen) so i ordered one from him from lenskart.com...

the glasses i received are too classy, hot and happening and beyond comparison, the material is solid and durable and the glasses are capable for a complete makeover...<3 

Gone are the days when the girls wearing glasses were simply rejected for a beauty defect which was never their fault now the girls proudly flaunt their prized possessions and even the prospective grooms even don't care and find it an added feature in the girl's charisma <3 <3....

Now coming back to the point, yes!!!!!! " the beauty lies in the eye of the spectator" has become obsolete and a new term "beauty lies in the eyes of the person wearing sassy glasses" who's giving a visual treat to the spectator and is slowly gaining the momentum to become talk of the town.....AS MEEEEEEE :)

This post has exclusively been written for the sole purpose of blogger contest for lenskart.com and is writer's individual possession.

© [ Ritika Kapoor] [My Sunshine My World] {2015] this post is exclusively constructed, written and owned by the owner. Any duplication, publication or usage without the written permission from the actual owner is is an offense and is strictly prohibited and illegal.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Happy Advising Day

In India, we are too fond of two things, food and giving advises!!!! Though food is in our pulse rate but advice has also been in our life-line since ages. If our fathers and forefathers don’t give enough advises in a day, their food doesn’t get digested and they have to eat some digestive powders or candies to get the process done. The advises has formed such a big chunk of our lives that we can simply calculate the number of hours spent in a year are passed giving advises. We are lending it to our friends, our peer groups, our cousins, our younger siblings etc. Our fathers are lending it to every known and acquaintance, every relative, every friend, every kid and every teenager; our grandma passing it on to her daughters and daughter-in-laws, our parents passing it to their immediate kids and their peer group…ooophhhh!!!!!!! An unasked n unsolicited world of ADVICES!!!!!

Now the question arises is that why it has been a favorite hobby, pastime or temptation area for almost everyone in our society, what makes it everyone’s favorite and to-do-thing when we are left with nothing to do and why it’s so therapeutic and have serious light weight effect on our body and mind that we seriously wonder as if we have become feather light after getting advises out of our mouth)))))))))) Have you ever felt so light and refreshing after giving advice to somebody else….have you ever felt that all the toxins that you have collected in the food process and in your breathing process are leaving your body altogether after giving a piece of advice to whosoever whether he wants it or not….whether he needed it or not…Lets find out first why we are so fond of giving advises to others:-
A)   We have seen our fathers, forefathers, mothers, grandmothers and every other member in our household since childhood that we have unknowingly added it to our moral rights.
B)   We Indians are so soft hearted and always want to do goodness of others and don’t want anything bad to happen to them.
C)   If a person is sounding or looking dull and is lacking interest in even his/her day to day activities, we automatically assume that the other person is in dire need of some advise
D)   We have this tendency to poke our noses and dive into unknown and restricted territories of others’ personal life that we keep on insisting the other to share his problem areas and find a clue to just start showers of advises.
E)   We believe ourselves to be the subject matter expert and also believe that working on your advice, the other person is gonna  benefited abundantly and will subsequently get rid of his problems.
F)   We are so observant of our surroundings that we have seen many people with the same problem coming up with the same solution as you advised is gonna solve the recent problem.
G)  We have become much experts after getting endless number of advises from our grandparents, parents, teachers, relatives, acquaintances and even unknown people that we want to relish the same cooling effect which comes after giving advises to someone else.
H)   We feel that the toxins, resentment and ill-will which have gathered in our bodies since childhood will release and the strong desire to revolt will simply become a vacuum.
I)     We believe that it is our birth-right to do this and we are serving mankind by this sheer act of selfless service and are helping our Indian brothers and sisters.
J)    We feel a certain burden from our cumbersome heads is thrown off as we never tend to listen the advises from anyone and never bothered to give them a second for consideration.
K)   We feel that we are a good human being and good citizens of India to be handling the people’s sentiments with love and care.
L)   We feel that this way we are contributing to our national development and character building of our country and doing a Mother Teresa Work without any greed and long term incentives.

Though this is a humorous take on why we love to giving advice, I will be back with a serious version of it too very soon…till then….keep giving advises. Happy advising@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

© [ Ritika Kapoor] [My Sunshine My World] {2015] this post is exclusively constructed, written and owned by the owner. Any duplication, publication or usage without the written permission from the actual owner is is an offense and is strictly prohibited and illegal.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

What are indians all about

We are Indians and love to flaunt this everywhere we go but what if somebody asks us to reveal the flavor of Indian-ness or what it means to be an Indian in all capacities??? Have we ever tried explaining to a gentleman belonging to some other country what Indians are all about........have we pondered ourselves what it all takes to be an Indian and how do we differentiate ourselves from others.....we are simple yet yet puzzled,we copy or get inspired from everywhere so we are international outside but desi inside, we love flaunting our imported cars but value our moral system so much that we still instill the same values we got from our elders, we relish our international holidays but we still love to visit religious places in our own country, we may roam the entire world but we feel the warmth of our own country, we ,may try different cuisines from all over the world but can never forget the taste of the food cooked by our mothers, we can always cook ready made packet foods but will always prepare pickles or chutnies at home, we love eating at McDonald or KFC but still we sit at floor and eat from our own hands, we are touching the skies internationally in sports, education, movies, medical, aerospace and what not but still touch our elder's feet, we have international stadiums but still feel happy playing in streets, we do rock n roll and bhangra with same passion, we learn English in school but still talk to our kids in our mother's tongue, we have many crushes but still love our partners wholeheartedly, we love to fight and we fight for love, we may be having many issues within our country but we take it in our stride with confidence that someday the conditions will be favorable, we love to laugh and celebrate with others and we are famous for taking jokes on us sportingly....Going to a wedding uninvited, telling fake stories to our friends and feel proud when they actually start trusting, faking illness just to Avoid some work and utilize that time as some fun time, telling our siblings that they are lifted from a garbage place, getting to sleep listening to stories by grandma......though these small things make us live life in all colors but certainly we are not exclusive of flaws and shortcomings....

incredible india taj mahal

Everything is available in our own country but still we fancy imported items. We respect our mothers and grandmothers but not our daughters and wives, we want to protect our own family but never think what is happening in our neighborhood, we think on individual level not on collective level, we want to get benefited from our efforts but doesn't think if my society or country is getting benefited from it or not, , we want to enjoy the fruits of our labor all alone but don't want to share it,  we want to get away from our wrong doings by bribing but we feel breaking the rule is our birth right, We feel ashamed to accept our mistakes, we want our government to work for us but we don't want to help our government in running the rules effectively, we don't want to give birth to daughters but certainly want to bring them home for our boys and certainly look for them in Durga puja or Navratri to get blessings, we have divided the society in to a male dominated them but we still worship goddess Durga, we  talk big about woman rights but still marry them in lieu of dowry, we fight against rapes but still push our sons to go out late but insist our daughters to stay at home, we want the ladies of our house fully decked up but watch porn on the Internet, we marry off little girls but we don't want our widows to remarry, we talk about misuses of technology but sit with our kids to watch television while chatting on face book or twitter, we want our kids to speak in English as a prestige issue but are ignorant if the child knows his mother tongue, we teach our kids to always find faults but never praise or being thankful what they have, we want our kids to be all rounders but are short to fill his self with love, trust and patience, we have all the time in the world for social media but don't have time to sit with our elders, we can work all day for a meal but cant eat that meal with peace and gratitude, we bring CDs and DVDs for our kids' educational purposes but never encourage them to sit with their grandparents, we hire maids and servants and depend our and our kid's all needs on them but don't encourage the tendencies to do our work with our hands, we lack patience where servants and maids of our house are concerned, we fight on trivial issues ignoring the bigger ones, we don't teach our kids moral values and don't make them see their responsibilities but only rights, we don't see right and wrong.....Dear INDIANS!!!!!!!!!!!!Where are we going  !!!!!! Plz look!!!!! Ghar aaja pardesi tera des bulaye re!!!!!!

Guest post for Smart Indian Woman

© [ Ritika Kapoor] [My Sunshine My World] {2015] this post is exclusively constructed, written and owned by the owner. Any duplication, publication or usage without the written permission from the actual owner is is an offense and is strictly prohibited and illegal.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Detangle Yourself

Dearies......welcome to all on this lovely platform where we all can pour our true self without fear, regret and conditioning, where we are under no one's scrutiny and say what we feel in n out. We, ladies, are beautiful gift from god who are so lively, abundant, giving and find solace in giving more than receiving and still we are left with so much love, care, persistence, tolerance and sane-sense till the end of eternity and are never short of goodness that nature has given us. We are lovers, givers, friends, creators and what not?????If a woman has to be defined in a word even by Albert Einstein, the scientist would rather prefer to turn a sage than answering the question as its too complicated and rather interesting as well.......in the coming years, i would suggest a new subject of thesis to the R&D department:- role of woman in this world and i am pretty sure the findings of this peculiar subject would take the entire world by storm. The fact that we are on the second place in the list of creators after god; makes us more worthy and awe-inspiring ........isn't it? We are the best gift to mankind and why not....we create the world as a mother and we destroy the world as goddess Durga too!!!!!! We start our days with love and finish it off with bed-time stories. In between we juggle with our house duties, office worries, grossory-lists,kids's PTM's, spouse's irrational behaviour, in-laws demands, spa's and parlour's rush visits, cranky kids and their king-size homework schedules, unexpected visitors N guests, special food demands, long kitchen standing hours, sometimes eruptions like pimples and under-eye dark circles, half-slept syndrome, scolding from anywhere <3 (((((((((READ IN BETWEEN THE LINES))))))))))) forgetful behaviour and by god's grace.....WHAT NOT???????????  Though god has given us a strong heart and undaunted will to deal with all this uninterrupted day after day apart from beautiful faces and irreplaceable hearts but as ladies, we tend to overstretch ourselves by giving too much but receiving less on the other hand.....We keep on giving endlessly will it takes a toll on our physical and mental health......NO NO No....don't take me wrong.....i am not a feminist who's suggesting you to leave all this to save your health and vigour but to take it easy with yourself and sail smoothly.....Your life is not an exam for which you are practicing endlessly and you are not gonna get marks (You can't please everyone at the same time too)  ....Din't you listen to that song...EK TK MANAO TO DOOJA ROOTH JAATA HAI...SHEESHA HO YA DIL HO AKHIR TOOT JAATA HAI....One should take ME-TIME periodically to relax and rejunevate and most importantly, analyse and overview yourself:-

a. Am i fulfilling my purpose of being existent?
B. Am i at all existent and living?
c. Do i sometimes live and behave as i want to?
d. How often i indulge in my favorite activity (singing, painting, cooking, writing, watching movie)?
e. Do i fear to rise through the challenge of being a complete woman so i work 24X7?
f. Am i able to please everyone by working as per them?
g. Am i happy and content or just surrendered to the circumstances?
h. Is this my sole purpose of coming to this earth?

 HOLA!!!!!!!! they may seem to be simple questions but the answers for everybody are quite complex with many labeling me as a intruder in their peaceful lives. While on the surface level there is peace and serenity but the answers are sure to shake you up from your long buried dreams.....For me luxury of being a woman means to speak clearly what I feel inside, act what I feel is right not as per society's wishes, being able to love and live freely, to spend quality time with my family, to indulge in ice-cream licking it without feeling guilty about calories gulped, to be unapologetic about my public behavior, to be comfortable in my skin, to be comfortable with my body weight and body type, to not care any random view or comment spoil my day or mood, to wear what i feel sexy and comfortable about, to eat sleep read as and whenever I want to, to wake up early and see Sun rising, to sleep late counting stars, to introspect myself for my failures and insecurities, to relive my moments of passion and love, to accept my failures and to boast about my achievements......to do all what is prohibited and called insane in this world. I am Proud to be a woman for endless reasons and so you should be...... I am more mature than men though I look innocent, I am more capable to hit the roof again after I hit bottom, I am mentally and emotionally more stronger than men, I have the powers to make or break anything (ladies,please read in-between lines) , I am a multi tasking personality and can work under excessive pressure and doesn't boil easily, I can lure a man and can make him a saint or a criminal, I can handle pressure too cool-ly, , I can wear a dress, a mini, a jumpsuit, a shorts, a suit Sal war , a jeans and what not....I can feel what it takes and feels to create another creature inside you, I can feel the movements and kicks inside my tummy, I can give give birth from a two inch hole, I can negotiate a deal with ease, I can get seat in a crowded bus too easily, I can fly an aeroplane or go to a NASA mission, I can run a family, I can nurture complete world...do I need to say more

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Preparing my child for future ahead and meeting contingencies

As a mother of young children, i always feel cumbersome and burdened as to how to secure the future of kids who just are taking their little steps but will soon be ready with open wings to fly in their individual directions. With the rising cost of living, cost of education and to make it worse, if on any later stage my child decides to go for further higher education...will we as parents will be able to ensure that his dreams meet the reality. Suddenly the harsh reality strikes once again that in these times of creating luxuries over comforts and necessities will leave us enough saving for my kid's future and god forbid if the earning member is snatched by the cruel hands of destiny...how my babies gonna bear with the double loss of their beloved one and their beloved dreams....!!!is my child gonna sacrifice all his dreams and simply earn his bread and butter with a less deserving opportunity. As a mother....even the thought shakes me UP!! and it reminds me my duties as a guardian that some concrete steps must be taken at the right time to make my kid's future rock solid. 

As a mother, i try to teach my kids to protect themselves physically (from physical injuries), emotionally (from any emotional blackmailing or emotional abuse or vulnerability) and spiritually (by changing/interrupting my kid's thought process by any emotional jolt or cheating) but how can i protect my child financially. The simple question is open ended and hence can have many solutions but as a parent, i wanted the best.The following questions kept tinkling my mind and their answers were nowhere

A. How much i need to pay monthly/annually to receive long run benefits for my kids as and whenever they need?
B. What if i want to withdraw the money in between the periods i mentioned while taking my policy; to meet any contingencies?
C. What if by any mishap, the earning partner dies? And who will pay the rest of premium amount?
D. Are there any additional premium benefits my child can avail?
E. Am i eligible for the plan?
F. What are the benefits my child is gonna draw?
F. Are there any hidden costs i need to pay later???????

All these questions bombarded each other and made my head the titan of clashes ground till i decided to surf the internet and check myself..........

The comparisons among some of the reputed brands providing child plans were shocking and disturbing as well.Some had a big amount as premium, the other has some hidden costs to be borne by the purchaser. on the one hand, some did not assure a fool-proof payment while the other just didn't provide the facility to withdraw in-between if in case needed.........So after a through study and a complete comparison, i zeroed on Aviva Young Scholar Secure, a complete and reliable plan for a choosy mother like me. You can check yourself visiting  http://www.avivaindia.com/en/Individual/Child/AvivaYoungScholarAdvantage.aspx and playing safe with your child's future. Now the mom in me have entrusted my child's future to Aviva Who's a twin mom for protecting and saving my kid's future......What about you MOMS!!!!!!!!

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Friday, 20 February 2015

remember the last we laughed without hiccups

The other day i went to have a haircut. At saloon, i waited for some time before as some lady was getting her hair colored. Fifteen minutes later....the lady was chirping uninterrupted like a bird and thanking the lady who just colored her hair.She suddenly pulled the hairdresser into her arms and hugged her warmly. The hairdresser was shocked to see her reaction thanking her time and again as she was regularly doing this for past five years (and getting paid too") and nobody did this thing to her. The lady was tooooo happy to get her desired hair color exactly the way she wanted and was expressing her gratitude by hugging...but everybody including the one being in the main picture was too stunned to see her behavior (((((( IS SHE A SMALL KID ))))) TO (((((WHY SHE'S SOOOOO HAPPY))))) was the reaction everywhere......you must be pondering as to why i am writing this story which has no importance to adults like you and me...but it seems so on the surface level. Under the wraps, IT HAS A DEEP MEANING??????????? We all act like society's puppets and the foundation is laid in our childhood days with our elders be it parents, grandparents, relatives, acquaintances or sometimes teachers conditioning and pre-occupying our thought process and our actions....not to sound biased the most of it happens it with the fairer sex  (DID YOU JUST READ WEAKER SEX). yessssss!!!!!!! This is also a conditioning put on every girl child that you are weaker than the boys so till the time the girl grows up...the belief of her being weak also grows up within her??????????? So we as in our Indian society are too fond of conditioning that seeing a woman of 35 giggling and happy just to see her hair color make us wonder the reason behind because we have left laughing and enjoying the smallest things long before!!!!!!!!!We now wait for bigger things to happen for calling celebrations home. We simply don't relish a hot cup of tea with our friends or neighbors without a bigggggg reason, we just kill our time doodling or watching nonsense on TV but just simply does not connect with people who really matter.............The pre-conditioning has long and serious aftermaths......WHAT DO YOU SAY GUYS????????

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Welcome to my world....a world where i am unabashedly me, full of life, full of love, full of energy, full of zest, full of curiosity, full of zest, full of everything which i feel should be with and within me to live  and treasure my life and my moments, where i can make or break my rules to make new ones, to counter any other monopolies applied to my thinking and break-free.

© [ Ritika Kapoor] [My Sunshine My World] {2015] this post is exclusively constructed, written and owned by the owner. Any duplication, publication or usage without the written permission from the actual owner is is an offense and is strictly prohibited and illegal.