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Sunday, 3 May 2015

#Google #Is #My #Best #Friend

A friend in need is a friend indeed....though it has been an old saying but its meaning has proved correct time n again however generations may have passed by though..........Childhood, teenage and adulthood has been times when my mom used to beware us(all three siblings) by saying everyday we left for school or tuition with countless advises as every caring and loving Punjabi mother would do like stay alert while walking, keep your secrets to yourself, don't give your house address to anyone, don't talk to strangers and especially; don't trust everyone....my momma is like
everyone's you know <3 <3 . She always maintained that everybody can't be your friend and would go extreme explaining her school time or any betrayal/cheat she might have anchored or seen someone cheating in friendship. That time i thought that my momma as i lovingly called her whenever in the dire need of money for toffees  tangy orange candies or notebooks, pencil, erasers etc etc; doesn't know anything beyond cooking, cleaning and laundry but all my pre-conceived notions shattered when i stepped in to this big bad world of fear, fights, jealousy and war of titles... yes!!!! It was the most heavy duty shock which i encountered a bit later which matured me a bit but not completely as my inner child refused to die down and kept trusting others for their words. She was every bit right.....everyone who terms himself or herself your friend isn't your friend. In today's scenario, the term friends has diverse meanings according to convenience, need, benefits bla bla bla bla. 

Not elaborating on my great jolt, i will share with you the most recent. Just another day, i asked for some help from a so called #Facebook friend of mine for a thing which she was already doing, though successful or not is a relative question calling for a debate, for success has different measurements for different people howsoever. So when i asked for her help, she made excuses for some time but as a stubborn fellow i am, i kept asking her time and again till finally she told me one day to search #Google for the guidance and help which i was expecting from her side.....it made me remorse my decision to ask her ditching my all time best buddy Google. Though she was technically right that as a friend, guide, philosopher Google has been with us as long as i can remember and the Knowledge horizons are enlarged and educated by it only. It is a curious devil mind's best partner in crime and doing its best to educate us when all the directions close chocking us, Google comes to our aid;to show us the unexplored paths with its features covering a heavy range to choose from as per need, like to come to my aid when i am lost,Google helps via #Google maps where you can see your home with just a click sitting even at the remote corner of a country, Google has always been a constant support with its undaunted and unshakable support. We all have become googleians because its a constant and reliable friend who will never make any excuse to let us down nor it will breach your trust of not being a friend and will forever treat you its best buddy always eager and ready to help whenever where-ever irrespective of any season, earthquake or flood. a housewife will search recipes  a student will search help for his projects and answers to his curiosities  a policeman will go Google to find the thieves, a doctor will search new techniques or medicines and what not!!!!!! every person on mother earth is dependent on Google buddy to get what they desire for so actually Google buddy is our real buddy though only virtually visible but his presence is visible in our every day life without whom the essence of our life is tasteless. Google has made us know the entire world better with just a click as if the world is our another home an grown us closer as humanity letting us mingling with people of all religions and opinions.....

So next time, you need a help...don't go for anyone pretending to be your friend to save yourself from an emotional jolt or just to avoid some mixed feelings dance in your racing but hurtful heart....go to your best buddy #GoogleBaba because trust is the first and foremost character required to be a true friend.

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