Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2015

What If i land a prestigious contract for an advertisement


Reading to this blog-post has its own side effects ranging from dream consciousness to anxiety of being big to exposure to the grey areas of being big or ROFL.....whatsoever!!!!!! The writer has no responsibility if the reader becomes ill due to sarcasm or has to see a doctor and will bear no medical charges or mental damage repairs!!!!!!!! 

Dreaming big is contagious you know and therapeutic as well... it releases the toxins collected in the body of the dreamer via comments, circumstances, peer pressure, failure or unfulfilled wishes and the person feels light and ready to conquer the world all over again.... i don't know about others but for me it is....for the past twenty years, i have been winning highly prestigious awards like padmavibhushan and national award, winning a fortune with millions and leaving behind people like Mittals, Tatas and Ambanis in the Forbes list of richest people, have been invited by the likes of Mr. Barack Obama, Mr Bill gates and Mr. George Bush.  The other day

Thursday, 16 April 2015

#CrashTheSystem #BoleToItsMyStyle

10:10 AM  I am in the middle of the preparation of breakfast, suddenly i heard a sweet voice from behind. My two and a half year daughter is singing loudly "Aam to ab har mausam mile hai.... gili gili gili gili gili ". Listening to her unclear and broken words make me smile and wonder that she's growing up too fast remembering all the advertisements displaying on TV or the serial's initial beginning songs. I simply remember her a tiny bundle of pink skin in my arms....o my shona!!!!!! Now coming back to her singing, The talked about mazza commercial appears in the midst of tea breaks, match breaks or abruptly in the serial breaks because the summer has arrived so the season of quenching the thirst <3 <3. 

Remembering the sequences of the ad, a police inspector is sitting in his jeep with his fellows and sipping mazza furiously as if there is no tomorrow and here comes the poor fellow with his veil-clad "BIBI" to complain about the miss of his cow but the inspector refuses to listen to his plead. The inspector doesn't want to skip a single moment leaving his beloved mazza and carelessly tells the poor man " Teri gaay to charte charte wapis aa javegi,Par mhara aam ka season ek baar gayo to gayo......then the poor man signals his wife and his wife suddenly produces a mazza bottle from under her clothes; and the man proudly says "Par aam to ab har mausam mile hai"...Sipping his favorite fruit mango

Monday, 13 April 2015

The #DilKiDeal which turned me more human

The narrative takes me long back when i was a seven year old and a very naughty child to deal with. My paa is a very kind and loving man devoid of any bad habit, all in all an angel in disguise. My father worked in a bank as a head cashier where he was everyone's favorite.He was so kind that my mom used to call him second Mother Teresa. There worked a peon with my paa who was his favorite.....Ghanshyam...Ghanshyam was an integral part and parcel of the bank and was associated with the bank from day one sine the day it started functioning and my father was his favorite too. He would do all his works like file transferring, getting his food from OTG, fetching him tea, photocopying on immediate basis leaving all other works. He even called our family to his wedding. Life was sailing smooth.

Then one day, i listened my father crying

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ebay and 24coupons.com make the best combo

ebay is the best on line marketplace where you can find almost everything ranging from computers to electronics, fashion to fashion accessories, Mobile phones, digital cameras i Pods, shoes, candles, furniture, jewellery, watches, handicrafts, kurtas, perfumes, microwave ovens, toys, baby products, weighing scales, and much much more... ebay has a unique concept of letting you buy the product at your prices by bidding option...yes!!! Now, you can finally pay what you want not what the seller wants to sell at!!!!!! Not only this, you can associate with ebay in more than one way..for example, if you are a seller or own a business, promote your business and sell as well, ebay will join your hands to lead you forward on to the path of success and growth; or if you have some unused stuff lying in the nook and corners of your home, turn it in to money with ebay.in . ebay-ing has become such a rage

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

When a heart striked a deal with another heart

Though we have watched unlimited love stories unfolding on cinema and finding pity on the central characters for their inability to unite either via running away or dying with each other; or cursing their immediate families or comminating the villain but how many of us have seen a real life story or been a part of where the story is woven around hate,suspense, drama and thrill.....where every second brings another wave of excitement and fear as to what will happen next!!!!! <3 <3 So here i am gonna share a love story with all the right elements at the right place which has a witness who's sharing it with you.......its about my bestie Dolly and the love of the life. she's a true blue Punjabi with a beautiful chubby face, creamish skin, round and big eyes, a big heart and a never say die spirit,full of life and elegance personified. she used to wear large patiyala salwaars with short kurtis with embroided chunnis which i loved like hell and boys drooling all over her sine morning till she get home. twinkle in her eyes would made my day and the sweetness in her talks would melt any stone's heart away. we both were in our last year of college in Amritsar living our college life in masti and ignorance, blissfully happy in our own bubble and caring none for the world outside....roaming on the streets bunking a class or two, eating gol gappe together, discussing fashion, criticizing teachers or fellow students, bitching about the modern girls in our college and many many many things.....all in all, the days were flying away in a jiffy. One day when i reached college, i couldn't find her in class so i issued a search warrant