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Monday, 13 April 2015

The #DilKiDeal which turned me more human

The narrative takes me long back when i was a seven year old and a very naughty child to deal with. My paa is a very kind and loving man devoid of any bad habit, all in all an angel in disguise. My father worked in a bank as a head cashier where he was everyone's favorite.He was so kind that my mom used to call him second Mother Teresa. There worked a peon with my paa who was his favorite.....Ghanshyam...Ghanshyam was an integral part and parcel of the bank and was associated with the bank from day one sine the day it started functioning and my father was his favorite too. He would do all his works like file transferring, getting his food from OTG, fetching him tea, photocopying on immediate basis leaving all other works. He even called our family to his wedding. Life was sailing smooth.

Then one day, i listened my father crying
while talking to my mom....it was truly devastating for a small soul to listen her macho man cry and feel helpless for being able to do nothing about it. next day i found out that my paa's favorite Ghanshyam had gone too far from him in an accident....i felt too pained thinking about my father. Exactly after thirteen days his demise...we welcomed a new member in our family; Ghanshyam's expecting wife.....Shaanti. My father had taken her responsibility along with her child. I started loving my paa more than anything else because he was more human than the people scattered around us.As the time flew away, we welcomed a baby girl in our hose. My mom gave Shaanti a separate room to live along with her infant. Shaanti worked for us raising me and my siblings, her own child for long till one day she helped me to become a beautiful bride and send to a new <3 <3 unexplored journey<3 <3 . 

Time was passing all too soon till one day Shaanti's child Gauri also got the man of her dreams and went along him to lead a blissful life. After some days of her wedding, tragedy striked again........ :( :( Shaanti met with an accident while getting some veggies home and died instantly.....

Gauri was expecting her first child and going through labor when her husband threw her out of the house for not meeting his dowry demands...Gauri came back to Paa. Paa admitted her to hospital but it was late...The child had died in the fetus due to diminished oxygen supply.It was a great jolt to my macho man. He was blaming himself for the trauma of Gauri. Somehow he tried to apply his every trick to make her husband Jagdish understand and even told him about the legal action, but he was not ready to accept her again. Paa added the lost fuel in Gauri and encouraged her to study further....M too proud that she is a CA in a leading firm now and is staying with Paa...Though she is reluctant to enter a new arrangement of relationship (marriage) as her past wounds had not healed yet!!!!!!!!! 

My only request to our society is to respect humanity...how can we shamelessly ignore innocent lives around us just because they are not related to us by color,blood,caste and creed and take pride in our existence and worship the supreme....and still flaunt the tag "we are human" are we???????? he never answers the prayers which do not love the humanity created by him so loving the people is the closest and the purest form of loving him....to strike a #DilKiDeal <3 <3 with almighty for ever <3 <3   

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