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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

ebay and 24coupons.com make the best combo

ebay is the best on line marketplace where you can find almost everything ranging from computers to electronics, fashion to fashion accessories, Mobile phones, digital cameras i Pods, shoes, candles, furniture, jewellery, watches, handicrafts, kurtas, perfumes, microwave ovens, toys, baby products, weighing scales, and much much more... ebay has a unique concept of letting you buy the product at your prices by bidding option...yes!!! Now, you can finally pay what you want not what the seller wants to sell at!!!!!! Not only this, you can associate with ebay in more than one way..for example, if you are a seller or own a business, promote your business and sell as well, ebay will join your hands to lead you forward on to the path of success and growth; or if you have some unused stuff lying in the nook and corners of your home, turn it in to money with ebay.in . ebay-ing has become such a rage
in India that approximately two million registered users from across 600 cities are buying and selling on ebay. 

ebay not only gives you freedom to buy and sell but is always there to support you in any case of technical dispute or customer assistance in the form of Customer Service & Live Help and Dispute Resolution Center. Ebay also supports you and gives more growth prospects with the help of eBay's Feedback system where members rate each other for their experience in the transaction process and  eBay's Buyer Protection Program where eBay covers your purchases up to Rs. 50000* (for PaisaPay transactions and up to Rs. 10,000 for non-PaisaPay transactions). ebay takes you one step further with eBay integrated Online payment system.

I will be happy to share with you all about my discount story where i got the bestest deal from ebay using coupon from 24coupons.com The other day i had to order a sofa cum bed for my home as my house attracts a lot of guests where i always keep looking for options to get my guests adjusted for a night or two. I am always short of extra bedding and if i can manage any from my neighbor, it is too cumbersome to fold them every other day and fit them in the house..and god forbid, if something gets spilled on!!!!!!! the other major drawback is lack of space in my apartment....Though the list of drawbacks is long so coming back to my point, i ordered a sofa cum bed http://www.ebay.in/itm/141606505981 from ebay using coupon from coupons.com after which, i price i paid was not much for such a utility.....and now all my drawbacks has turned into unlimited happiness...thanks to coupons.com ...would love to recommend all my lovely friends to use coupons from 24coupons.com for extra saving and getting best deals sitting at your home visiting the link   http://www.27coupons.com/stores/ebay.in/

Image Countesy: ebay.in

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