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Thursday, 16 April 2015

#CrashTheSystem #BoleToItsMyStyle

10:10 AM  I am in the middle of the preparation of breakfast, suddenly i heard a sweet voice from behind. My two and a half year daughter is singing loudly "Aam to ab har mausam mile hai.... gili gili gili gili gili ". Listening to her unclear and broken words make me smile and wonder that she's growing up too fast remembering all the advertisements displaying on TV or the serial's initial beginning songs. I simply remember her a tiny bundle of pink skin in my arms....o my shona!!!!!! Now coming back to her singing, The talked about mazza commercial appears in the midst of tea breaks, match breaks or abruptly in the serial breaks because the summer has arrived so the season of quenching the thirst <3 <3. 

Remembering the sequences of the ad, a police inspector is sitting in his jeep with his fellows and sipping mazza furiously as if there is no tomorrow and here comes the poor fellow with his veil-clad "BIBI" to complain about the miss of his cow but the inspector refuses to listen to his plead. The inspector doesn't want to skip a single moment leaving his beloved mazza and carelessly tells the poor man " Teri gaay to charte charte wapis aa javegi,Par mhara aam ka season ek baar gayo to gayo......then the poor man signals his wife and his wife suddenly produces a mazza bottle from under her clothes; and the man proudly says "Par aam to ab har mausam mile hai"...Sipping his favorite fruit mango
the inspector goes on a lookout for the lost cow. 

Now lets devour the idea behind the advertisement though the makers have not thought about it else they wouldn't      have made it. On the serious side it shows the actual mentality(without being cruel and of course not taking sides just because i am a part of the common side) of Indian policemen towards common especially poor people and their indifferent attitude to solve the problems of law and order or to act on the complaints received because they are pre occupied in their own world or wouldn't budge without a reward (in other words; bribe which was a bottle of mazza the poor man already carried with him because he knew that his problem won't be sorted out without a special treat). Am I being too serious!!!!!! NAAAAYYYYYYYY !!!!!! 

In the afternoon, feeding and making my baby sleep and sipping a glass of lemon water, my mind again wandered to the Gili! Gili! ad (Even after marriage and kids, my wanderer habits hasn't died yet). So again i overworked and overcooked the advertisement in my mind's frying pan. On the shinier and funny side, the advertisement gives a connection to many many things present in the country today. Like "Par aam to ab har mausam mile hai", many things are prevalent in our society like however season it is( 24X7X365) like with the cold storage option, there is no season for the fruits and vegetables:-

a) There is no season for the politicians to curse, abuse or pull down others.....ever-ready!!!!!!
b) There is no season for Dharna pradarshan or hunger strike...anytime...anywhere aka@uhu uhu (remember hum apke hain kaun) 
c) There is no season to produce children (shame even animals have a reproduction season) So what we are humans!!! We are supreme!!!!
d) There is no season to start or end reality shows showing excited participants telling their sad (struggle stories; sometimes crying) be-fooling and bewitching us (More so if the rival channel has started one, every channel joins the race!!!!) lets see who wins it <3 <3 
e)There is no season for the news channel to show shows with the tag line(dekhte rahiye....akhir kaun tha is saazish k peeche @raat 11 baje)
f)There is no season for cricket in India(ek tournament khatam hote hi doosra aa jaata hai) No wonders, cricketers are highly sought after even for advertisements considering their commercial viability and mass appeal.
g)There is no season for the media to invade the privacy of stars or officials via stings and hidden cameras. media has this magical powers to convert a single blurred glimpse in to a one hour special news report. 
h)There is no season for the stars to get married or breakups where the relations are too fragile even from a bone china cup.
i)there is no season to get embroiled in controversies like hitting a cameraman or a fan,throwing mikes, shouting in assembly, boycotting the discussions n so on!!!!!!
j)There is no season to take leave and buzz off to some foreign country for rewinding and relaxation say Bangkok!!!! who went there....i never visited even Nepal even in my distant dreams!!!!
k)There is no season for shopping for ladies especially ever since the on line shopping trend has caught up where you can find discount coupons round the year....Don't ask me....i never go shopping without my hubby's permission; you know i am a pativrata naari @shopping jaoongi ice cream khaoongi.....
l)there is no season for our dear enemy to start a proxy war type firing on the border any season of the year.
m)Last but not the least, forecasting the marriage of our eligible bachelor, sallu bhai (don't take offense dear...m your blind fan) 

I would love to add on many things for your wanderer eyes but for laters!!!! My baby woke up!!!!!! 

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