Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Byomkesh Bakshi TV Series launch on HOICHOI App

Byomkesh Bakshi is one the fondest memories of my childhood. Completing homework, bathing and eating breakfast and sitting in front of TV dot on time was the ritual for us on sundays when Byomkesh Bakshi would telecast on Doordarshan. Little did i know it is the most famous fictional bengali detective character created by Saradindu Bandhopaydhyay.

Though the character of Byomkesh Bakshi has been adapted to screen 18 times, 13 times in movies and 5 times in television and played by the best of fine actors, still it gives you the lingering feeling of "ENCORE". To make us relive the era of our favorite character, Shri Venkatesh Films are bringing it to us again in the form of web series to be broadcasted on their most awaited app "HOICHOI". which is being introduced by SVF. The motive behind to lauch this app is to promote bengali entertainment to you all on the go. "Hoichoi" App is available for download on iTunes – http://bit.ly/iTunesHCDownload and Android http://bit.ly/AndroidHCDownload . The web series startles to give us thrills, nail biting suspense and superb performances by Anirbhan Bhattacharya, Subrat Dutta and Riddhima Ghosh. 

 SVF doesnot need an introduction to you folks. Shri Venkatesh Films(SVF) is a renonuned name in the field of film making. SVF has record of producing over 110 movies including critically acclaimed and national award winner "Chokher Bali", "Raincoat" including others like "Memories in March", ApurPanchali, ChotoderChobi and ChanderPahar.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

the feature loaded eKavach App is your kid's perfect bodyguard

A new concept on the cyber sky has emerged after being discussed to being ripped apart if you are a supermom or superdad...leave the shabby concept behind and say hello to a new concept -are you a #eSuperMom or #eSuperDad...forwarding the newest thing on the block..lets discuss what's and how's... I am blogging about a new conquering app based on our most worried moments of our life-our kids and their cyber safety... This is my contest entry for the blogging contest by eKavach parenting control app on being  
#eSuperMom or #eSuperDad. 

You too can participate here

  The other day when my kids, son (7 years) and daughter (3 years) left for school, i was on the verge of  completion of my household work to start my fresh writeup on parenting, the door bell rang rather blatantly. I wondered who it could be and pulled the door open. To my utter surprise, a courier boy from a well known shopping portal stood at the gate grinning and holding a packet. I was clueless as i din't order anything for the past one month due to my son's exams. I thought my hubby could have ordered something and came forward to sign the receiving document. and here i was ridden in the rude shock of my lifetime, the packet  bore the name of my seven year old son and i stood mute as having aftershocks for some split of seconds when the courier man shaked me up to face the reality......

I opened the box and found a way-blade in it. I sat wondering how it could be possible and the advancement of kids in technology and how i was not an informed parent as to what my kids are doing on-line. My son was very happy to get what he desired for. When i asked him how he did all this...he gave me another jolt by saying, Mom!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

what type of parents you are

When i was a kid,that time the kids were treated as the physical and intellectual property of the house especially parents and were not easily allowed to ask questions and pacify our bubbling queries and curiosities, forget about the practicals we now show our kids to make them understand the concept so as they are left with no "why's" and "if's" or "but's" . So either mom was there to bail us out with her scanty knowledge of the subject or we had to put our inquisitive theories on back burner or simply turn to our friends or comic books wherein the knowledge derived was either third hand or as per what they have heard from somewhere else...Though we were lucky enough to think innovative and inventive and solved our queries from many resources. I still remember that i had a stencil which had many types of images in it which we could copy to draw required shapes...rectangle, square, triangle, stars, semi-circle, circle etc etc. Looking back i can say nonchalant that the images were an outrage of our suppressed inquisitions because i would draw non stop on every available thing which i found clean either paper or walls or simply my hand; when i was denied my childhood right to ask questions!!! 

Now that the parents are quite lenient and friendly in their approach towards parenthood and would love to share their kids's life with them enjoying their little talks to solving quizzes with them to satiating their mountainful of queries...ever since the inception of this new era of outgoing, more vigilant and better exposed parents came in breed, this new concept of friendly parents or buddy parents has come in vogue. The parents are more on friendly terms with kids hence increased  sense of belonging, understanding and empathy between both the generations has only added to more soulful connect and better family conditions wherein the kids even tell their parents about their boyfriends, girlfriends or night outs openly and parents welcome their kids' lifestyle change with a broad mind and open arms which lets no space of secrecy or individual life between both the parties hence augment love, trust and mutual respect. A parenting style which accepts the individuality of kids as separate entities not only are more intimacy oriented but let the child flourish as per his taste and make him an independent creature of  free soul and uninhibited operations where the child doesn't know any boundaries and rises above the average to shine like a star.An endearing journey where their are no hidden secrets and no shut up policy even if the child is uttering sheer nonsense because this is the only way to mature your child individually and gradually... An alliance where both the parties involved grow along with each other in their individual ways, of course we as parents and they as kids. Gone are the days when the parents ruled the supreme and ordered "Hame Sikhane ki koshish mat karo, hum tumhare maa-baap hain tum nahin..."    Now the kids teach their parents as well what as kids their parents were deprived of ...

So, its up to us as parents to play hide and seek with kids to hide our insecurities and fears under blankets or come in light to fight them back and emerge as best buddy parents whom other parents envy and our kids be proud of!!! Happy Buddy Parenting!!!

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Viola!!! That's my #MaxFreshMove

Jab koi baat bigad jaaye, jab koi mushkil pad jaaye, tum dena saath mera, O humnava <3 <3  

The song was my favorite when i was in my courtship days and loved singing this song to my love; seeing eye to eye.He blushed with my intensity of love and loved it to the core...

But i was shattered and bewildered to be woke up from my day dream of love when my heart was shredded into pieces and i was left in the jungle of this world all by myself. I couldn't believe for days to what happened to those promises and dreams we hoped to fulfill with each other, for each other. I felt too pained as if some wild animal has devoured my soul... 

I couldn't

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mom's #FirstLove

A lady's #FirstLove may be her life partner but a mom's #FirstLove is always her baby. The mother and the baby connect with each other at many levels; it may be the feeding mom's nectar or talking to her via little eyes or her warmth of hug when she holds the little one against her chest and coo in melodious voice to make him sleep and miraculously the child feels and relishes the touch of her fairy mom and starts recognizing her smell and her touch...He sleeps sound and long when he feels mom's vicinity around him and recognizes any alien touch also. 

Their connect is also deepened 

Saturday, 11 July 2015

unwrapping the bundle of joy

A baby brings along the completion of you as a human and as a mother; And suddenly the meaning of you as a human life changes all together with the sole purpose of existence zeroed on the little one who smells fresh every time you touch him, the touch of magnificence...The moment you hug or cuddle your bundle of joy, something takes birth within you and grows in leaps and bounds with the growth of your child. The moments you spent gazing at your child when he's sleeping of playing, the moments when you held his hand, the moments he touched you with his innocent touch and you felt on top of the world are all after effects of touch therapy which makes us feel better, perform better, understand better and even remember better!!!

As a mother, i was quite vigilant

Friday, 10 July 2015

Dabur-the trust of lifetime

Babies are blessings from god which come in soft and pink skin cuddling in your arms, cooing in your ears and giving you love of the lifetime but not without deprivation. You must be wondering how being mother can deprive you of something if it completes you in so many ways. Being mother deprives you the pleasures of being slim and fit, fighting with your weight issues and  your sanctity to maintain it.it gave me the biggest shock