Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Every day is woman's day

08:10 AM Mom! Mom! Where's my tie????? It's in your drawer Beta.
08:12 AM  Mom! Mom! Where are my socks??? It's in your cupboard beta
08:15 AM  Mom! Mom! Where are my ribbons????? Go beta! Check the dressing table.

Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Mom, the solution of every problem we face in our lives, the most reliable, the most dependable godly entity where our problems flew away in a bit just by a golden touch, a search engine where you just register a slight voice command and  you can just locate anything in the universe, no googling required. A word which
comes first in your mind and tongue when you are hurt and she comforts you with a miracle hug and a verbal medication which no doctor has ever prescribed to his patients, in fact no scientist has ever been able to discover but only a mother has invented it which needs no physical inhalation or application of medicine just a bewitching healing touch.A comforter when you are tired from the outer world refreshes you within seconds. A best friend who will not only console you but motivate, criticize and re-energize you. A Counselor where you can talk all shit and remain calm that your secrets will be secrets till eternity. A bank where you can deposit all your worries and problems and get comfort and love as interest. A cool lap where you can rest when you feel rejected and dejected from the world. A cool shower where you get off all the hardness and harshness you got from the outside work. A pillar where you feel light and airy when you feel like crying. A shadow which moves with you where-ever you go. A push which helps you to expand your boundaries when everyone else pulls you down. A blessing which protects you when in problems, whose only name gives you solace. Mom is just like sugar which dissolves in her kid's life, though her presence cant be seen with naked eyes but her footprints are there everywhere in her kids's behavior,morals,     character, decision making powers, careers and individual life. Its a selfless and unshakable entity who just doesn't ask for anything but pure love in return. A mom is a worship idol who is physically present with you all the time. a mom is always there to hold and collect you when you are torn and scattered. A mom is an encyclopedia to quench your knowledge thirst anytime anywhere. A mom is a protective shield where you can simply hide from your failures or insecurities. A miracle sponge where you can vomit all your blunders and mistakes and can assure that they won't ever come on the surface. Its all because when you become a mother, you Dont' remain an individual but another tiny one become an extension of yours and your every action and reaction is determined by that bundle of joy, along with the time, as the kid grows so the responsibilities and love of the mother too grow along. so ultimately, you never become two but one. if he falls ill, mom doesn't find any taste in food. If he gets hurt, she hurts deep inside. If he argues, she feels the pinch. If he learns new things, she's the one actually proud. If he achieves, she takes it as her credit. If he's popular among peers, she's the most elated. If he's praised, she's the boasting mama, if he commits a blunder she doubts her upbringing and what not......A mother is a swing of emotions and adulations and only she can experience all the richest emotions. A mom is the most non judgmental person who accepts you for what you are, not according to your success or money. A mother is the only home you can come back after the world kicks you bad. 

Seeing my mom always engaged in something or other always angered me as she never watched her favorite serials sitting at sofa with us but from kitchen or she never had the time to play ludo with us whenever were short of one player but now that i have become mother of two, i can purely understand her reasons that her abundant love and endless misses of her favorite things were a part of her love and concern, not out of any compulsion....I always threw a fit comparing her with my friends's mothers but she always laughed at my revolt and didn't compromise anything in our daily lives ranging from our food cravings to our clothes, to hygiene , to studies; not a single thing which she skipped. Her constant involvement, her constant push and her constant endeavors are all fruitfully alive in the form of her successful kids. I was a very fussy and stubborn child, too rigid to handle. As a kid, teenager or adult,i have always behaved like a toddler with my mom with my childish, untimely and stupid demands, my endless wishes, my atrocious clothes-shoes-accessories demands, my stubborn and non-understanding attitude <3 <3 . I would wake her up at odd hours just to chat with her and she would patiently listen to me however tired she is without complaining or getting irritated.  My mom is truly an angel who has enormous space in her heart where she can accommodate and deposit her loved one's happiness, sorrows, failures, insecurities, hatreds, jealousy and what not.....still she's so patient, adjusting and forgiving in her relationships always ready to welcome and absorb scattered feelings which needs to be treasured, not measured.   #EveryDayIsMothersDay, #MothersDay @mycity4kids  

Now that i am a mother of two super cute and naughty kids, i have finally started to value of having blessed with a mother more and more. My kids hug me cutely,We have pillow fights, we do cute and naughty photo sessions, we have small discussions sometimes debates with my kids telling me different new information pieces which I never knew existed before, We have party with dressed as cartoon characters and behaving as well (my little daughter loves eating ladoo because chota bheem loves it too), my kids teaching me different asanas . I love to see and explore the world through their eyes and perspectives. Their small little talks and findings keeps me glued. Their  hugs feel like the most special treasures of the world. Their praises make me feel on top of the world. They offer me food before eating themselves. They ask me if I am well if anytime they find me lying. Sometimes they are too bossy and dictate their terms on me which are too cute to follow. Being a mother, I am involved in their upbringing and overall development which is wholeheartedly pacifying and electrifying as well. It’s a thrilling, joyous and a roller coaster ride where anything and everything is so sudden and unexpected but still rewarding and colorful.

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