Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Friday, 20 February 2015

remember the last we laughed without hiccups

The other day i went to have a haircut. At saloon, i waited for some time before as some lady was getting her hair colored. Fifteen minutes later....the lady was chirping uninterrupted like a bird and thanking the lady who just colored her hair.She suddenly pulled the hairdresser into her arms and hugged her warmly. The hairdresser was shocked to see her reaction thanking her time and again as she was regularly doing this for past five years (and getting paid too") and nobody did this thing to her. The lady was tooooo happy to get her desired hair color exactly the way she wanted and was expressing her gratitude by hugging...but everybody including the one being in the main picture was too stunned to see her behavior (((((( IS SHE A SMALL KID ))))) TO (((((WHY SHE'S SOOOOO HAPPY))))) was the reaction everywhere......you must be pondering as to why i am writing this story which has no importance to adults like you and me...but it seems so on the surface level. Under the wraps, IT HAS A DEEP MEANING??????????? We all act like society's puppets and the foundation is laid in our childhood days with our elders be it parents, grandparents, relatives, acquaintances or sometimes teachers conditioning and pre-occupying our thought process and our actions....not to sound biased the most of it happens it with the fairer sex  (DID YOU JUST READ WEAKER SEX). yessssss!!!!!!! This is also a conditioning put on every girl child that you are weaker than the boys so till the time the girl grows up...the belief of her being weak also grows up within her??????????? So we as in our Indian society are too fond of conditioning that seeing a woman of 35 giggling and happy just to see her hair color make us wonder the reason behind because we have left laughing and enjoying the smallest things long before!!!!!!!!!We now wait for bigger things to happen for calling celebrations home. We simply don't relish a hot cup of tea with our friends or neighbors without a bigggggg reason, we just kill our time doodling or watching nonsense on TV but just simply does not connect with people who really matter.............The pre-conditioning has long and serious aftermaths......WHAT DO YOU SAY GUYS????????

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