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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Myntra #ItsPersonal Tantra

Hey Lovelies!!!!!!!

A warm welcome to you all. Before taking the conversation further, Let me introduce myself first.......

  • I am a perfect woman who loves to explore and discover new arenas.
  • I am a lovely fashionista wife whose husband always love to drive around with her and her sense of style and creativity is the hot topic of discussion among his colleagues.
  • I am a complete diva in tune with latest updation of my fashion sense at regular intervals and never ever make a fashion error.
  • I am a perfect blend of modern and traditional woman in my presentation and many are jealous of my signature style.
  • To add a cheery on the cake is that my kids and husband are as perfect as a runaway models as well, needless to say, we are a one ever updated family for our style of dress sense and never say die attitude.

Though its been a well kept secret for some time but now i would love to share my biggest secret which helps us look beautiful and updated all the time.We have a trustworthy personal friend in our pockets all the time who guides and supports us whenever where-ever, who never ditches us when you need guidance or assistance and never ever make any excuses, Its none other than The all new #Myntra APP- always a step ahead.I must confess my love for this fantabulous app that has not only changed my looks for the best but my attitude towards shopping. The day and age we are living is that we are so short of time and patience while looking for products for our personal use while getting lost in the variety available in the market so here a step by step guide for you all to figure out why the #Myntra app is the best on line solution to all your fashion needs!!!!!!!

a) #Myntra APP a day keeps the depression away :- 
The moment i joined hands with the best shopping site, this phrase applied cent percent to me while #Myntra app takes the burden off my shoulders in getting my looks and attitude right, i can remain calm and freehand as i have a trusted partner in crime where my personalized stylist will lead me getting the right look according to my preferences, skin tone and body type and all i am left with is a feeling of gratitude,oomph and self-confidence.

b)#Myntra App the Baap of all apps:- You sort of create a virtual profile with all your needs and necessities, likes, comforts, preferences, your pics and girl!!!!!!! You are ready to conquer the world, no other fashion app required just #Myntra app and you are more than done........

c)A complete family store:- #Myntra not only guides you throughout your lookout for the best but offers you a varieties catering every income group, from teenagers to middle class to elites and has unlimited ranges to choose from which not only satiates your fashion hunger but makes you look lovely all the time.

d)A lifeline in your hands:- Everyone knows that when you look good, you feel good so the levels of energy, confidence, self-acceptance, self-appreciation and self-love increase manifold special thanks to the best ever app #Myntra because #ItsPersonal. I have reinvented my entire personality with this awesome app.....have you??????

e)A life coach:- #Myntra not only helps you throughout your attempts to find you the best deals with its discounts and special coupons but is always at a hand's distance to style your buys inspiring you to adapt to the best fashion for celebrating special moments of your life with insights on how our favorite celebrities dress up so that we can be as glam as our celebs because we love our celebs and #Myntra for guiding and styling us as glittering as themselves. 

f)Ever updating:- #Myntra not only helps us in choosing the best of 1000+ national and international brands but tells us the styling tips along with the accessories. Not only this, articles related to enhancing our internal personality, beauty tips, lifestyle problems and changes to do giving you an insight of today's fast-paced life in just a tap of an app 

So guys...don't wait....just jump on to the bandwagon......don't say later that we din't told you.....a person who just doesn't use his smart phone smartly using #Myntra app is not entitled to be called smart neither him nor his smart phone because #ItsPersonal......... #Myntra is your own personal space where you can learn , adapt, enrich, explore, revamp because #Myntra is thousand shades of fashion  

Enjoy my Rap!!!! for the #Myntra App #Myntra, my #ItsPersonal Tantra
vibrant, colorful, chic and sassy
goodness,tangy, classy and saucy
enriched with all the young features that we vouch for
Many  many many awards, rewards and recognitions to go for
May you reach beyond the sky
Touching the aim is not too high
I can see your future sunshine bright
you are a shining star in the twilight
Its my right, my choice, my vision 
and #Myntra's innovation and delight.....
stay always blessed and on the first spot <3 <3

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