Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Detangle Yourself

Dearies......welcome to all on this lovely platform where we all can pour our true self without fear, regret and conditioning, where we are under no one's scrutiny and say what we feel in n out. We, ladies, are beautiful gift from god who are so lively, abundant, giving and find solace in giving more than receiving and still we are left with so much love, care, persistence, tolerance and sane-sense till the end of eternity and are never short of goodness that nature has given us. We are lovers, givers, friends, creators and what not?????If a woman has to be defined in a word even by Albert Einstein, the scientist would rather prefer to turn a sage than answering the question as its too complicated and rather interesting as well.......in the coming years, i would suggest a new subject of thesis to the R&D department:- role of woman in this world and i am pretty sure the findings of this peculiar subject would take the entire world by storm. The fact that we are on the second place in the list of creators after god; makes us more worthy and awe-inspiring ........isn't it? We are the best gift to mankind and why not....we create the world as a mother and we destroy the world as goddess Durga too!!!!!! We start our days with love and finish it off with bed-time stories. In between we juggle with our house duties, office worries, grossory-lists,kids's PTM's, spouse's irrational behaviour, in-laws demands, spa's and parlour's rush visits, cranky kids and their king-size homework schedules, unexpected visitors N guests, special food demands, long kitchen standing hours, sometimes eruptions like pimples and under-eye dark circles, half-slept syndrome, scolding from anywhere <3 (((((((((READ IN BETWEEN THE LINES))))))))))) forgetful behaviour and by god's grace.....WHAT NOT???????????  Though god has given us a strong heart and undaunted will to deal with all this uninterrupted day after day apart from beautiful faces and irreplaceable hearts but as ladies, we tend to overstretch ourselves by giving too much but receiving less on the other hand.....We keep on giving endlessly will it takes a toll on our physical and mental health......NO NO No....don't take me wrong.....i am not a feminist who's suggesting you to leave all this to save your health and vigour but to take it easy with yourself and sail smoothly.....Your life is not an exam for which you are practicing endlessly and you are not gonna get marks (You can't please everyone at the same time too)  ....Din't you listen to that song...EK TK MANAO TO DOOJA ROOTH JAATA HAI...SHEESHA HO YA DIL HO AKHIR TOOT JAATA HAI....One should take ME-TIME periodically to relax and rejunevate and most importantly, analyse and overview yourself:-

a. Am i fulfilling my purpose of being existent?
B. Am i at all existent and living?
c. Do i sometimes live and behave as i want to?
d. How often i indulge in my favorite activity (singing, painting, cooking, writing, watching movie)?
e. Do i fear to rise through the challenge of being a complete woman so i work 24X7?
f. Am i able to please everyone by working as per them?
g. Am i happy and content or just surrendered to the circumstances?
h. Is this my sole purpose of coming to this earth?

 HOLA!!!!!!!! they may seem to be simple questions but the answers for everybody are quite complex with many labeling me as a intruder in their peaceful lives. While on the surface level there is peace and serenity but the answers are sure to shake you up from your long buried dreams.....For me luxury of being a woman means to speak clearly what I feel inside, act what I feel is right not as per society's wishes, being able to love and live freely, to spend quality time with my family, to indulge in ice-cream licking it without feeling guilty about calories gulped, to be unapologetic about my public behavior, to be comfortable in my skin, to be comfortable with my body weight and body type, to not care any random view or comment spoil my day or mood, to wear what i feel sexy and comfortable about, to eat sleep read as and whenever I want to, to wake up early and see Sun rising, to sleep late counting stars, to introspect myself for my failures and insecurities, to relive my moments of passion and love, to accept my failures and to boast about my achievements......to do all what is prohibited and called insane in this world. I am Proud to be a woman for endless reasons and so you should be...... I am more mature than men though I look innocent, I am more capable to hit the roof again after I hit bottom, I am mentally and emotionally more stronger than men, I have the powers to make or break anything (ladies,please read in-between lines) , I am a multi tasking personality and can work under excessive pressure and doesn't boil easily, I can lure a man and can make him a saint or a criminal, I can handle pressure too cool-ly, , I can wear a dress, a mini, a jumpsuit, a shorts, a suit Sal war , a jeans and what not....I can feel what it takes and feels to create another creature inside you, I can feel the movements and kicks inside my tummy, I can give give birth from a two inch hole, I can negotiate a deal with ease, I can get seat in a crowded bus too easily, I can fly an aeroplane or go to a NASA mission, I can run a family, I can nurture complete world...do I need to say more

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