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Saturday, 18 April 2015

What If i land a prestigious contract for an advertisement


Reading to this blog-post has its own side effects ranging from dream consciousness to anxiety of being big to exposure to the grey areas of being big or ROFL.....whatsoever!!!!!! The writer has no responsibility if the reader becomes ill due to sarcasm or has to see a doctor and will bear no medical charges or mental damage repairs!!!!!!!! 

Dreaming big is contagious you know and therapeutic as well... it releases the toxins collected in the body of the dreamer via comments, circumstances, peer pressure, failure or unfulfilled wishes and the person feels light and ready to conquer the world all over again.... i don't know about others but for me it is....for the past twenty years, i have been winning highly prestigious awards like padmavibhushan and national award, winning a fortune with millions and leaving behind people like Mittals, Tatas and Ambanis in the Forbes list of richest people, have been invited by the likes of Mr. Barack Obama, Mr Bill gates and Mr. George Bush.  The other day
i have been given salvation by none other than Lord Vishnu and even Mr. Osho also preached a guest lecture on the gracious occasion. I also received an invitation from the royals to attend the baby shower organised for the again mommy-to-be Kate Middleton but i was unable to reschedule my jam packed  hours. Day before yesterday, The American people gave me a cordial invitation to give a boost to their tourist spots by visiting Bahamas...Though the list is quite long to complete in this blog post but my dreams has been varied and too big for my small beautiful eyes.
For a quite big chunk of time, i have been dreaming though relatively young dream , to act in a television commercial and how would i behave at all if i get to act in it against any Indian Celebrity aka bollywood stars though i would like to rope in George Clooney or Hugh Grant at least but you know <3 <3 everything depends on the budget of the producer...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Though I would like to keep my feet grounded and humane too....i love to be simple and sober....you know...how good i am at pretending :)

okies..lets visit my list of behavior if ever i land a commercial project 

a) I will not charge a single penny from the producer....i earn a fortune and i am not greedy et all!! If the producer insists, however i will accept the remuneration and donate it for some noble cause (remember there are many noble causes in India to look forward to like blind relief fund, save and educate girl child scheme, the mid meal scheme, the prime minister flood relief fund blah blah blah) the cheapest and the fastest way of publicity though i don't demand it but command it.......
b) I will not demand a separate fully air conditioned vanity van full of modern amenities like a TV, Jacuzzi  a king-size bed, a comfy lounge area, a play area for my kids when i am shooting, a separate governess when i am cramming my lines or rehearsing etc etc. 
c)I will not have any ego clashes with my co-actors like whose role is more important in the commercial to who's getting more lines to recite to who's getting the more expensive designer clothes to who's makeup man is more efficient and will complete the commercial as per the schedule. After all, i am a kind woman who loves humanity and cooperation are my second names :) 
d) I won't throw any tantrums at the cost of producer like i have headache so cancel the shoot or my doggy is upset as i am far from him for so many days to i just broke up with my Bf so need to nurse my fresh and bleeding wounds to a billion........ as a woman is none less than a reincarnation of Lord Narad brimming with excuses Narayan! Narayan!
f) I won't increase the producer's expenses by taking my mom along with who's much more than a drama queen than me just because i am a small girl who just got out in this selfish world or doesnot feel secure alone (courtesy to all the molestation, abuses that a girl has to face since childhood or simply reading the newspaper or watching AAJAK scares her to death)
g) Though i am a die hard selfie lover but i pledge not to click selfies on the sets just to upload on my FB or Twitter page getting my friends jealous....after all i am a lady of principals and i won't reveal my look regarding my producer's right of privacy.
h)Though i would prefer a like minded person to work with but i will try to adjust to non like minded person with the shahid kapoor technique of writing the name of the person on paper and flushing it giving instant relief to my jealousy bubbles via@Jab We Met as i can never dream of hurting someone calling names so the technique is all thumbs up!!!!

OMG!!!!! What a discovery, while reading the article once again for any grammatical corrections, i genuinely found out that i am a lady of principles and virtues.

Trin!Trin!You guys have to excuse me till my next blog-post as i have an urgent call to attend to from AIB(All India Bakchod)

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