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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

When a heart striked a deal with another heart

Though we have watched unlimited love stories unfolding on cinema and finding pity on the central characters for their inability to unite either via running away or dying with each other; or cursing their immediate families or comminating the villain but how many of us have seen a real life story or been a part of where the story is woven around hate,suspense, drama and thrill.....where every second brings another wave of excitement and fear as to what will happen next!!!!! <3 <3 So here i am gonna share a love story with all the right elements at the right place which has a witness who's sharing it with you.......its about my bestie Dolly and the love of the life. she's a true blue Punjabi with a beautiful chubby face, creamish skin, round and big eyes, a big heart and a never say die spirit,full of life and elegance personified. she used to wear large patiyala salwaars with short kurtis with embroided chunnis which i loved like hell and boys drooling all over her sine morning till she get home. twinkle in her eyes would made my day and the sweetness in her talks would melt any stone's heart away. we both were in our last year of college in Amritsar living our college life in masti and ignorance, blissfully happy in our own bubble and caring none for the world outside....roaming on the streets bunking a class or two, eating gol gappe together, discussing fashion, criticizing teachers or fellow students, bitching about the modern girls in our college and many many many things.....all in all, the days were flying away in a jiffy. One day when i reached college, i couldn't find her in class so i issued a search warrant
for her everywhere till i found her in canteen sitting in a corner..she was not her usual self but cut-off from the world and detached from her own self too!!!!!! i ran in to her face and bombarded her with so many questions but she was staring blank at my face....her beautiful eyes were in deep pain and were a bit swollen as if her eyes never cried but her heart obviously did...i took her hand and we both went out to a local coffee shop on my prized possession-my scooty whom i lovingly called PiNKy!!! I took a seat and ordered her to sit...she obeyed me like a remote controlled robot. i pushed her a lot about what is bothering her but she started crying....she finally told me that she's in LOVE and that the same guy had confessed his love her yesterday and that initially she was on cloud nine but very depressed now.....i was seriously shocked and taken aback that being my best buddy she never confessed it to me and that she has cheated me in a way!!!!! I was too shaken to answer back and started crying profusely...She immediately came to my side and apologized understanding my situation. She told me that though she loved that guy but was never confident that she will ever be united with him as he belonged to another caste so never even discussed it bcoz she knew that talking about him in anyway will give a long lasting pain to her heart but i behaved stubborn. I was not ready to listen to her excuses...listening to her at that time i felt as if a panic attack just left from near me; rubbing me hard. After consoling me and apologizing for her behavior, she told me that she is in dilemma now as the guy is a JATT and she's a KHATRI so they can't unite.

after some time, i gained my senses back and told her to keep the shit at bay and talk to her parents. She was too petrified as her parents were already in talks with someone for her marriage and she was not allowed to talk regarding the subject. So i decided to meet the real culprit, the Guy!!!! I called him up and ordered to meet me in the same coffee shop and cross checked him for whatever he confessed to my bestie was serious or just playing a mind game with her and/or is a flirt but the guy seemed pretty serious about Dolly and i could not found a single trace of him being a Roadside romeo type........to check him further, i challenged him to dare to talk to his parents about her and send them her home....To my surprise he told me that he had already told them about her and they are willing to accept her with open arms, all he is waiting for confirmation from her side....It was a happy jolt hit hard case with me <3 <3 I was clueless what to do next??????? I kept making plans in my short distance ride on Pinky to my place...I went home and told my mother about all the episode and as usual, my mom was skeptical about it. She told me not to poke my nose into all this issue with strict warning to stay away...to my surprise, y mom asked me if i too had this kind of relationship going on anywhere!!!!! NOOOOOOO MOOOOMMMMMMMM??? But my heart was racing against time and telling me to push the boundaries else two lives will forever go different ways only because they couldn't gather courage at the right time and i can be a thread-holder or a sutradhaar to get their relationship complete ....My mom also threatened me that inter caste marriages often lead to bloody wars so asked me to steer clear but i decided against my mom and told my father about it and!!!!!!and!!!!!!!and!!!!!! to my utter shock, he promised to help me out...My eyes dropped tears of gratitude and love for my father which i never felt before....My father went to Dolly's house and talked to her parents about Dolly's wish and told them to inquire about the boy if he is worth their daughter and offered them to reject even if they didn't found the boy as per their expectations. They inquired and the family turned out to be a honest, loving and famous for their helping attitude...Now again, the problem was that the boy was not earning and Dolly's family wanted her to marry ASAP...Now The turn was for both of love birds to take stand for themselves and they did. The boy promised to settle his business in the coming three years and marry her thereafter....Somehow, the parents of both sides agreed. 

Now both of them have been married for more than 9 years and with two little cute kids...

We live in a society who teaches us to live for ourselves and our relations but certainly the society will be more worth loving and living if we love others as our own and create a peaceful world around for generations to come...i wish we act more for others, for their happiness, for their lives.....for striking a #DilKiDeal with them forever

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