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Saturday, 28 March 2015

beauty lies in eyes

yesteryears were great days where no one judged us from our appearance or looks but just from the goodness in our hearts, the sweetness in our talks, the gratitude in our actions and respect for our elders and most importantly, our character!!!!!!! But the days flew off in jiffy and here we are standing in "ghor Kaliyug" (It is said that King Kali wanted to rule humanity so he extensively worshiped lord Vishnu and when the lord was pleased , he was granted the wish that in his rule people will be easily influenced by badness n show-off and would remain neutral from goodness that's why in Kaliyug new idioms came in existence like "Bhalai ka zamana nahi hai", "Chor chor mausere bhai", Ye Kaliyug hai yahan aisa nahi hota" and "Kis zamane ki baat kar rahe ho") where we are judged by the variety and brand of our clothes, the number and type of shoes, floaters we wear, the expensive perfumes we utilize, the utilities and comforts we have at our homes, the big and expensive cars and everything associated with maintaining outer standards and of course, if you are bespectacled like me what brand you wear on your eyes to beautify them............

Yyyyyyeeesssssssss...to beautify them.....gone are the days when we used to buy things as per our requirements or needs and would only keep the purpose of our purchase the sole criteria as our target like Arjun would only see the eyeball of fish, nothing else.....but nowadays, along with the purpose, the cost-effectiveness, the stylish nature, the suitability and adaptability on our face and the aura it adds to our face to personify it are the major boosting points while purchasing any eye wear. Moreover, a funky eye wear maybe spectacles or goggles has become a prestige issue for youngsters like us to flaunt in our peer group. There is variety of eye wear available in the market be it off-line or on-line for a variety of reasons:-

a)To hide your facial flaws

b)To accentuate your strong facial features
c)To give appearance to your face slimmer/fuller as per the case
d)To make you look mature 
e)To give your face an innocent child like look
f)To make your facial beauty more highlighted
G)The plain glass look- Some people just love to flaunt glass look without requirement or to add funk to their total look and stand out....no wonder than that i have quite a number of eye wear in my personal collection to standout in crowd or just be different (!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 

adding oomph to my look 

Though it has become a norm for adults to accentuate their look or transforming whenever possible and affordable but kids are not lagging behind. My kids are too fond of the eye wear too...love flaunting their looks and get clicked..

  Here comes my girl's second look

before some days, my son asked me to get him a cat-eye glasses so that he can flaunt them in front of his classmates and yes to add some sex-appeal to his looks (the meaning of what he said to me- mamma, main bhi apki tarah acha dikhna chahta hoon taaki log meri tareef karen) so i ordered one from him from lenskart.com...

the glasses i received are too classy, hot and happening and beyond comparison, the material is solid and durable and the glasses are capable for a complete makeover...<3 

Gone are the days when the girls wearing glasses were simply rejected for a beauty defect which was never their fault now the girls proudly flaunt their prized possessions and even the prospective grooms even don't care and find it an added feature in the girl's charisma <3 <3....

Now coming back to the point, yes!!!!!! " the beauty lies in the eye of the spectator" has become obsolete and a new term "beauty lies in the eyes of the person wearing sassy glasses" who's giving a visual treat to the spectator and is slowly gaining the momentum to become talk of the town.....AS MEEEEEEE :)

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