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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Happy Advising Day

In India, we are too fond of two things, food and giving advises!!!! Though food is in our pulse rate but advice has also been in our life-line since ages. If our fathers and forefathers don’t give enough advises in a day, their food doesn’t get digested and they have to eat some digestive powders or candies to get the process done. The advises has formed such a big chunk of our lives that we can simply calculate the number of hours spent in a year are passed giving advises. We are lending it to our friends, our peer groups, our cousins, our younger siblings etc. Our fathers are lending it to every known and acquaintance, every relative, every friend, every kid and every teenager; our grandma passing it on to her daughters and daughter-in-laws, our parents passing it to their immediate kids and their peer group…ooophhhh!!!!!!! An unasked n unsolicited world of ADVICES!!!!!

Now the question arises is that why it has been a favorite hobby, pastime or temptation area for almost everyone in our society, what makes it everyone’s favorite and to-do-thing when we are left with nothing to do and why it’s so therapeutic and have serious light weight effect on our body and mind that we seriously wonder as if we have become feather light after getting advises out of our mouth)))))))))) Have you ever felt so light and refreshing after giving advice to somebody else….have you ever felt that all the toxins that you have collected in the food process and in your breathing process are leaving your body altogether after giving a piece of advice to whosoever whether he wants it or not….whether he needed it or not…Lets find out first why we are so fond of giving advises to others:-
A)   We have seen our fathers, forefathers, mothers, grandmothers and every other member in our household since childhood that we have unknowingly added it to our moral rights.
B)   We Indians are so soft hearted and always want to do goodness of others and don’t want anything bad to happen to them.
C)   If a person is sounding or looking dull and is lacking interest in even his/her day to day activities, we automatically assume that the other person is in dire need of some advise
D)   We have this tendency to poke our noses and dive into unknown and restricted territories of others’ personal life that we keep on insisting the other to share his problem areas and find a clue to just start showers of advises.
E)   We believe ourselves to be the subject matter expert and also believe that working on your advice, the other person is gonna  benefited abundantly and will subsequently get rid of his problems.
F)   We are so observant of our surroundings that we have seen many people with the same problem coming up with the same solution as you advised is gonna solve the recent problem.
G)  We have become much experts after getting endless number of advises from our grandparents, parents, teachers, relatives, acquaintances and even unknown people that we want to relish the same cooling effect which comes after giving advises to someone else.
H)   We feel that the toxins, resentment and ill-will which have gathered in our bodies since childhood will release and the strong desire to revolt will simply become a vacuum.
I)     We believe that it is our birth-right to do this and we are serving mankind by this sheer act of selfless service and are helping our Indian brothers and sisters.
J)    We feel a certain burden from our cumbersome heads is thrown off as we never tend to listen the advises from anyone and never bothered to give them a second for consideration.
K)   We feel that we are a good human being and good citizens of India to be handling the people’s sentiments with love and care.
L)   We feel that this way we are contributing to our national development and character building of our country and doing a Mother Teresa Work without any greed and long term incentives.

Though this is a humorous take on why we love to giving advice, I will be back with a serious version of it too very soon…till then….keep giving advises. Happy advising@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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