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Sunday, 29 November 2015

the mushy affair with my baby

Babies are the prettiest gifts to mankind. They are sent gift wrapped in the mushy pink skin which is adorable to snuggle with. In fact, every female however age intends to have baby soft skin and its been a long distant dream for me too! But does the baby's skin always remains so soft and smooth? Does the growing age and the outside factors let the baby's skin soft as it is and how do you as a mother protect your child's skin and what precautions do you take to protect the skin!

I got blessed with a peachy pink chubby and adorably cute baby boy who became an instant hit with my friends and relatives. Everyone would cajole me to send his pictures whenever i dressed him in new colorful clothes. Some of my relatives wouldn't even believe that he was my son till they saw him personally, they all thought i was sending them pics of photo shopped baby from Google...hahaha. Some even suggested to go for his portfolio for keeps because he was too cute and refreshingly soft among the crowd of babies....so these all incidents put a kind of extra pressure to keep my baby's skin supple and healthy. Being a first time mother handling all the responsibilities all alone was a taxing task at hand. But as a vigilant mother who was afraid to be labeled careless, i was extra cautious to take care of my baby but being all alone, Internet was my only friend so at night, i would Google the ways to keep my baby's skin silky. Though i would agree that there is plenty of information available on net but a lot of information with no technique for application is quite dangerous. In other words, too much information is harmful.So, putting my doubts at bay, i asserted the logically accepted formulas and put them to use...

Here are some of them

Too much is forbidden:- Every mother thinks that bathing the child everyday (read two times in summer) is a must to keep hygiene factor in tact. Yes, that's true but not necessary. A baby can be bathed on alternate days initially and as they grow, their bathing can too be regularized because every child is prone to skin allergies in initial months as their skin is too sensitive to handle harsh routine of baby soap and baby shampoos especially when the babies have dry and peeling skin. Also, the bathing water should not be too hot/cold because either way, the baby's skin is ripped of their natural essential oils and mind it, not to keep the baby too long in contact with water because babies loves to play with water and mothers love to watch their babies this way but that's not good for baby's skin...

Pick and choose the best:- Though every mother loves to protect her child from anything and everything posing as danger so as every mother, i too chose the best be it soap, shampoo, organic clothes, non toxic toys etc. Always look for the ingredients used on the back side of the product because many of baby soaps and shampoos contain formaldehyde and sulfate which may enter inside the baby through skin so always opt for organic soap and shampoos

Protecting from heat wave and cold wave:- Children skin is easily prone to damage due to heat wave and cold wave for their skin is too hypersensitive to adapt to the change. Heat wave can give them small pink-red bumps due to sweating or too tight clothing whereas the cold wave can rip the moisturizer from their delicate skin. So Its ultra important to keep the child in loose clothing giving enough space for skin to breathe in summers and in wrap in layers in winters so that the layers (less or more) can be adjusted as and when the need arises. 

Powder is a No-No :- Infants can inhale the very fine grains of  powder which can cause lung problems so i never ever bought a packet of baby powder.

Home made Moisturizer :- For baby's skin care regime, less is more. Look for items without dyes, fragrance, phthalates and parabens -all of which could cause skin irritation. When in doubt, talk to your pediatrician to see if a product is appropriate for newborn skin. As for me, though i loved to smell the sweet fragrance of baby moisturizer while kissing and cuddling with my baby but my mom told me a secret formula to keep my baby's skin naturally healthy and glowing. A spoonful of pure coconut oil mixed with some drops of organic glycerin worked wonders for my baby's skin...you too must try.make sure to rub it on baby skin immediately after bath.

Mommy-baby massage time :- Yes, Its true Massage times are the best time for bonding for mothers and babies as they both are exchanging love, warmth and care in the form of massage. Also, gently stroking and massaging baby's skin can not only help boost relaxation, but it may also lead to better sleep and reduce or stop crying and prepare your child for a stronger tomorrow.  

Disinfecting the clothing:- Use a gentle detergent to wash everything that touches your infant's skin, from bedding and blankets, to towels and even your own clothes. You'll cut down on the likelihood of baby developing irritated or itchy skin. As an added step, i always used a spoonful of dettol to disinfect the clothes to ensure all bacteria get inactive and my baby grows unhindered. 

Softest baby diapers:- Being a skeptical mother to opt the best for my baby, i only loved using the bestest diapers Pampers for my baby for i wanted the maximum absorption capacity to give my baby the best of freedom and best of skin protection. Otherwise a child's skin suffers the burnt of skin rashes, skin allergies, cranky, prolonged irritation to skin for some diapers do not let the air breathability in to skin which damage the tissues of delicate skin. Now Pampers have introduced the revolutionary product which is Pampers Premium Care Pants which are #SoftestForBabySkin . Though my kids have grown up but i strongly advice all the mothers with young kids and to be mothers to go for it for Pampers have been an epitome of trust, quality and delivering promises and have given endless kids a beautiful, safe and secure childhood.

 “Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton­like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin​ and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.”

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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Tolerance or non tolerance!

Tolerance or non tolerance!
What type of tolerance!
Non sense we are intolerant!
Really! we have grown intolerant!

Yes! the aciculate questions are trending on every mind whosoever claims to have brains and is in love with his country...

As a literal meaning of Tolerance, it comes with the ability of keeping calm, Your patience and persistence in trying times, your strength and endurance when the wind blows against, your resilience and toughness but my mind is still feeling dizzy with how India can be intolerant....

A. We give equal importance to every religion and religious sentiments and them flourish at their own pace and individuality.

B. We love to participate and celebrate each other's festivals as our own festivals and spreading happiness, peace and love.

C. We let all the citizens of India however caste and creed they belong to, to use the country's resources rivers, transport, infrastructure to  and don't discriminate in anyway.We believe we are Indians before getting sub-categorized in to castes. Its some people who speak on behalf of majority but have they ever interacted with the majority as they claim! Recheck! 

D. We provide extra facilities like reservation to give everyone an equal platform as a native of India so that no one lags behind and we grow as a nation not as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians...

E. We never force any citizen of India to convert to our majority prevailing religion and give them free hand to pick and choose the best out of availabilities, Is this called Intolerance Mr. Khan...

 Just being a celebrity doesn't entitle you to speak anything which may be regressive or objectionable for the peace, prosperity and growth of our Motherland because words are powerful and may invoke intolerance subjected to the comment! Keep your personal interactions at bay while speaking on a public platform. Whatever happens in your bedroom or your drawing room is none of our business. Behave responsibly on a public forum and mind it, keep your emotional tears at bay! Or if you have thought, just do it, don't create a fake noise to gather publicity for your next movie! It may be a strategy! Who knows, its Amir Khan! The methodological actor and strategy planner! We don't come to watch any religion on silver screen but just pure entertainment!      

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Are Siblings FRENIMIES

Life gives you so much on a single platter ranging from opportunities to relationships which you pick and choose according to your mood, preferences, type, tastes but are we lucky enough to choose our family? A BIG NO! We are not! We must learn to love them. I have always wondered why its automatically that we fall in love with the set of parents we are blessed with but in the case of siblings, we tend to prefer someone just like us or if the sibling is not our type, we develop a love hate type of relationship with them. Though we love them but a kind of competition remain there always however hard we try to avoid it. On the other hand, siblings are a constant support when your world is upside down, siblings scold you when you take a wrong path, siblings rivalry has the best push up value to surge you ahead when you are legging behind, siblings give you the best of healthy competition when the other competitors has tried your stamina, siblings give you goose bumps when they threat you of consequences to tell parents if you don't move right, siblings give you the most unconditional and most loyal love after your mom... and i am proud to flaunt that I am blessed to have a sibling like this...

My Sibling Stories have lots of variations like a gripping Hindi movie. I was a complete

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My freedom My way

This picture take me to flashback when my ten month old son was discovering himself and his life. As a doting mother, i have poured my heart for my angel.

A chunk of flesh turning my love,
laughing and giggling just like a dove
almighty must be happiest with me
he gave me a pink bundle from above.
rising and falling; crying and calling
chirping and singing; dancing and rolling
he has taken over my heart and my mind
playing hide & seek, delight to always find
murmuring in broken words, enacting people
except for him, to all the world i have turned blind
his running and jumping and fighting with his papa
my heart brims with love when he says a tattered Ta Ta

Babies are