Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

MOM- Jack of all trades

Motherhood is an emotion which if cherished and treasured from heart will last even beyond the physical life and a lifetime will feel to be very less time to embrace it completely. It has a rainbow of emotions to sail through. When we talk about being a mother, it brings a lot of fond, happy, cherishable, sweet, loving moments along with it where you live each and every feeling either fleeting or stable with equal joy and excitement but motherhood is equally a huge responsibility which needs to be handled very carefully because they are #MyFirstExpert  <3 <3 Mothers are the most beautiful gift from god who are so lively, abundant, giving and find solace in giving more than receiving and still they are left with so much love, care, persistence, tolerance and sane-sense till the end of eternity and are never short of goodness that nature has given them. Loving and giving is mothers' second nature, they keep on giving love, care and sacrifices to the beautiful relationships they have in their lives which are their only treasure. They can't see any loved one in pain or grim, they sort out the biggest matter in their hands and dive in to unknown territories to save and protect their relations, they are extreme givers and the queens of emotional empires. They run an entire home on their petite and fragile shoulders but don't even sigh!!!!!!! They fight with the world for their loved ones and even the most powerful almighty has bowed to their endeavors as Sati fought with god to bring back life in to her dead husband. They are lovers, givers, friends, creators, believers, achievers and what not????? If a mother has to be defined in a word even by Albert Einstein, the scientist would rather prefer to turn a sage than answering the question as its too complicated and rather interesting as well.......in the coming years, i would suggest a new subject of thesis to the R&D department:- role of mothers in this world and i am pretty sure the findings of this peculiar subject would take the entire world by storm. The fact that they are on the second place in the list of creators after god; makes them more worthy and awe-inspiring ........isn't it? They are multi-taskers, emotionally robust, physically sound and spiritually inclined, Who else can dare to multi task as them!!!!! Woman are the best gift to mankind and why not....they create the world as a mother and we destroy the world as goddess Durga too!!!!!! Mothers start their days with love and finish it off with bed-time stories. In between they juggle with their house duties, office worries, grossory-lists, kids's PTM's, spouse's irrational behaviour, in-laws demands, spa's and parlour's rush visits, cranky kids and their king-size homework schedules, unexpected visitors N guests, special food demands, long kitchen standing hours, sometimes eruptions like pimples and under-eye dark circles, half-slept syndrome, scolding from anywhere <3 (((((((((READ IN BETWEEN THE LINES))))))))))) forgetful behaviour and by god's grace.....WHAT NOT??????????? Mothers are the ones who's doing many things even when doing nothing. We keep worrying as to what will be cooked tomorrow for breakfast, lunch and dinner, we worry if the kids's uniform has been washed and ironed, we wonder if the mother-in-law is upset with us for sleeping late on Sunday, we ponder if the alarm will go on time in the morning, we worry if the child is fully prepared for tomorrow's exam and will score good, we analyze if the hubby is in good mood to talk about the daughter's demand of new mobile or son's demand of new video game, we worry what to gift sister-in-law when she visits in summer vacation or the return gifts for the kids's birthday party, We overcook our minds to wonder if the electricity bill, LPG bill, Internet bill, phone bill are due some time and has to be paid, we take care of every individual associated with us. We are cleaner, cook, dry cleaner, helper, teacher, plumber, driver and basically captain of ship which will surely doom if we are not alert and expert. Husband wants our expert advice for his official issues, kids want us to guide them in studies and about their age problems and inquiries, in-laws wants us to help them in their social circles, relatives wants us to rescue them from any problem they are facing so ultimately a mother is a super-woman handling so many relationships in a go that she ceases to remain individual. She's just like sugar which dissolves in every relationship, looses her identity but her sweet taste keeps reminding us that she's with us all the time. Though god has given us a strong heart and undaunted will to deal with all this uninterrupted day after day apart from beautiful faces and irreplaceable hearts but as ladies, we tend to overstretch ourselves by giving too much but receiving less on the other hand.....We keep on giving endlessly....

Mothers are the most stressed out but they seem to remain neutral and don't show their fatigue to us until some major health problem crops up or we seriously take them for granted and always see them smiling. Mothers have this special ability to hide their pains by flashing a 1000 watt smile and we forget that she's human being too who should be cared and pampered too.As a woman, she should clearly enjoy the luxury of being a mother which means to speak clearly what she feels inside, act what she feels is right not as per society's wishes, being able to love and live freely, to indulge in ice-cream licking it without feeling guilty about calories gulped, to be unapologetic about her public behavior, to be comfortable in her own skin, to be comfortable with her body weight and body type, to not care any random view or comment spoiling her day or mood, to wear what she feels sexy and comfortable about, to eat sleep read as and whenever she wants to, to wake up early and see Sun rising, to sleep late counting stars, to introspect herself for her failures and insecurities, to relive her moments of passion and love, to accept her failures and to boast about her achievements and most importantly pamper herself 

which will also ensure to take her in to her own world and prepare her for the upcoming fights with life and circumstances <3 <3

i remembered my mom telling me my childhood stories......like when i was a kid, i used to copy my mom like anything. It was a routine for me to do whatever my mom did....Like putting a big maroon bindi on my forehead after bath, getting my pony done as her and my mom even got me stitched a small Saree just because i wanted to put it on like her!!!!!!!!! Everyone in the house had a hearty laugh watching me in mini Saree <3 <3 .......comparing both of us,If i ponder back to analyze my reasons for being so, i could find a variety of them like maybe i was too eager to be like my mom or mom had something noticeably different or i was a mature child as compared to my age group. Or was something wrong with me......was i too different???? But growing up and watching and comparing the behavior of all kids my age was almost similar as most of them copied their moms in some way or the other. Its because the kids spend majority of time with their moms and develop a strong bonding and liking for them and love to copy them any given point of time because they observe them too keenly so they have a strong desire to copy them and behave like them. So it is rightly said that mother is the first and foremost teacher of the child and the most important too. Seeing my mom always engaged in something or other always angered me as she never watched her favorite serials sitting at sofa with us but from kitchen or she never had the time to play ludo with us whenever were short of one player but now that i have become mother of two, i can purely understand her reasons that her abundant love and endless misses of her favorite things were a part of her love and concern, not out of any compulsion....I always threw a fit comparing her with my friends's mothers but she always laughed at my revolt and didn't compromise anything in our daily lives ranging from our food cravings to our clothes, to hygiene , to studies; not a single thing which she skipped. Her constant involvement, her constant push and her constant endeavors are all fruitfully alive in the form of her successful kids. I was a very fussy and stubborn child, too rigid to handle. As a kid, teenager or adult,i have always behaved like a toddler with my mom with my childish, untimely and stupid demands, my endless wishes, my atrocious clothes-shoes-accessories demands, my stubborn and non-understanding attitude <3 <3 . I would wake her up at odd hours just to chat with her and she would patiently listen to me however tired she is without complaining or getting irritated.  My mom is truly an angel who has enormous space in her heart where she can accommodate and deposit her loved one's happiness, sorrows, failures, insecurities, hatreds, jealousy and what not.....still she's so patient, adjusting and forgiving in her relationships always ready to welcome and absorb scattered feelings which needs to be treasured, not measured.

Mom, the solution of every problem we face in our lives, the most reliable, the most dependable godly entity where our problems flew away in a bit just by a golden touch, a search engine where you just register a slight voice command and  you can just locate anything in the universe, no googling required. A word which comes first in your mind and tongue when you are hurt and she comforts you with a miracle hug and a verbal medication which no doctor has ever prescribed to his patients, in fact no scientist has ever been able to discover but only a mother has invented it which needs no physical inhalation or application of medicine just a bewitching healing touch.A comforter when you are tired from the outer world refreshes you within seconds. A best friend who will not only console you but motivate, criticize and re-energize you. A Counselor where you can talk all shit and remain calm that your secrets will be secrets till eternity. A bank where you can deposit all your worries and problems and get comfort and love as interest. A cool lap where you can rest when you feel rejected and dejected from the world. A cool shower where you get off all the hardness and harshness you got from the outside work. A pillar where you feel light and airy when you feel like crying. A shadow which moves with you where-ever you go. A push which helps you to expand your boundaries when everyone else pulls you down. A blessing which protects you when in problems, whose only name gives you solace. Mom is just like sugar which dissolves in her kid's life, though her presence cant be seen with naked eyes but her footprints are there everywhere in her kids's behavior,morals,     character, decision making powers, careers and individual life. Its a selfless and unshakable entity who just doesn't ask for anything but pure love in return. A mom is a worship idol who is physically present with you all the time. a mom is always there to hold and collect you when you are torn and scattered. A mom is an encyclopedia to quench your knowledge thirst anytime anywhere. A mom is a protective shield where you can simply hide from your failures or insecurities. A miracle sponge where you can vomit all your blunders and mistakes and can assure that they won't ever come on the surface. Its all because when you become a mother, you Dont' remain an individual but another tiny one become an extension of yours and your every action and reaction is determined by that bundle of joy, along with the time, as the kid grows so the responsibilities and love of the mother too grow along. so ultimatelyyou never become two but one. if he falls ill, mom doesn't find any taste in food. If he gets hurt, she hurts deep inside. If he argues, she feels the pinch. If he learns new things, she's the one actually proud. If he achieves, she takes it as her credit. If he's popular among peers, she's the most elated. If he's praised, she's the boasting mama, if he commits a blunder she doubts her upbringing and what not......A mother is a swing of emotions and adulations and only she can experience all the richest emotions. A mom is the most non judgmental person who accepts you for what you are, not according to your success or money. A mother is the only home you can come back after the world kicks you bad.