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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

UTS:INSEARCH one step education hub

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UTS:INSEARCH – A one stop education hub
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The distinct Dr Chau Chak Wing Building AKA The UTS Business School Building
“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice” – Brian Herbert, American Author.
“The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice” – Brian Herbert, American Author.
A dynamic, cosmopolitan university situated in the heart of Sydney, UTS is Australia's number one young university, globally recognized for its rich resources and credible rankings. Their website explains how they deliver a unique, award-winning model of learning that mixes practice with theory to deliver quality education to students.
With a primary focus on career oriented education through a blend of traditional and new emerging fields, UTS has made continuous efforts to revolutionise thoughts and learning processes. Their belief that collective ideas lead to meaningful action, encourages young minds to be innovative and creative in their thought process.
When the vision of an organization is to build leaders of the future, it is expected they have a dynamic and universally applicable teaching-learning system. The university offers industry standard curriculum for all major streams. With an impressive number of courses ranging from science to arts, engineering to communications, you’ll be able to choose the optimal course at this university. UTS helps young professionals realise their dreams and ambitions by providing ample learning opportunities and countless practical experiences with its value-based quality education.
UTS is credited with five star ratings in teaching, research, international exposure, placements, innovation, access and facilities by QS World University rankings. Under 50 Rankings, UTS is ranked 1st in Australia and 14th in the world.
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The UTS:INSEARCH Building, Photo Credit: Anna Zhu
UTS:INSEARCH is a pathway provider to UTS. One can call it a stepping stone to UTS. It helps students prepare themselves with a strong base so that they become eligible to directly pursue their second year bachelor's degree in UTS. Students at the pathway institute can also access the state-of-the-art facilities at UTS round the clock and are taught by the faculty of UTS. 
An Enriching Campus Life ​
The campuses of UTS and UTS: INSEARCH are a stone’s throw away from each other and most conveniently located in the heart of the city. Both campuses are a five-minute walk from Central Station – Sydney’s major train and bus station, and is located in the hub of Sydney’s creative industries precinct. Thanks to its ideal location, students have direct access to all major destinations and city attractions like Broadway, Central Park, Haymarket and the business district. UTS students can conveniently utilise public transport, shuttle services and can even ride bicycles to reach their campus. They also have the option of carpooling with their friends and fellow students.
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A view of the train station from the campus, Photo Credit: Anna Zhu
While on the way to the University, students can stop by for a quick bite at various eateries around the campus. Also, once you reach the campus, students have access to Wi-Fi to stay updated on their studies and connect with their friends online, etc.  
Here is a complete map of the campus, to give you a better sense of the university’s ideal location in the heart of Sydney: http://www.uts.edu.au/about/maps-and-facilities/campus-maps-and-facilities  
Why Join UTS
The best infrastructure: UTS provides best of the world-class infrastructure which includes programme/course specific facilities, 24-hour access to labs, all modern amenities and utilities enabling students to explore and learn more.
Extensive industry relations: The university has the best industry pool, thus providing relevant industry experience to the students, and also organises various internship programmes, industrial visits and live projects.
International exposure: UTS is constantly upgrading its education system as per the global standards and offers a range of industrial training for the students to ensure international exposure. 
Support system: The university has a strong vision with a highly experienced advisory board. 
In short, UTS prepares students for specialization in management, information technology and various other courses. It aims to develop professionals who can compete in the ever-changing and ever-engaging trends and demands of the market. UTS acknowledges every individual as an epitome of knowledge and ignites the young minds to succeed in life. You can get more information here and can apply online: https://www.uts.edu.au/
The UTS Insiders
Before a student makes up his/her mind in choosing the perfect university, he/she also needs to do some serious research. This can be tough and most of the time, we are left disappointed as many universities tend to provide unnecessary information rather than relevant information related to the courses, subjects and faculty. To avoid this, UTS has come up with a novel platform where students can access all the inside information! Not from the staff, but from the students themselves about their personal experiences. Read on to know more!
The UTS Insiders
You can find more about the university through the UTS Insiders. It’s a platform where 12 students from UTS and UTS:INSEARCH have been selected to help prospective students make an informed decision about their higher education. The UTS Insiders are from the Indian sub-continent – India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Each one of them is from a different stream and shares interesting information about his/her own journey and personality, but more importantly unique experiences. 
So grab this opportunity to know UTS from the Insiders’ perspective. Click on the website link: http://www.insearch.edu.au/insiders/

Image Courtesy:- http://www.insearch.edu.au

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