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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Report or not to report

Laws! Laws! Laws! Laws are structured by the government but are truly enforced or implemented by us-the locals....imagine the trauma of someone who has been assaulted but is shunned due to social stigma! We can't complain injustice or curse the government when the data is collected in the surveys about the rise in sexual crimes in the country, simply when we dont report the matters as it is! Is the government supposed to look in to your individual houses to implement the laws or curl the abuser? 

It is often seen that
a powerful abuser is on the lookout for a weak victim or is looking for the favorable circumstances or some time do a complete reiki of the victim's routine activities and this type of crime comes under the category of planned crime and is  more severely punishable. In some cases, the abuser tries to kill the victim brutally to save his skin but the victim somehow survives. the victim may need immediate medical attendance or the severity of the injuries may prove fatal so its damn important to report the matter to the police immediately. And majorly rapists or sexual offenders have retentive behaviour which can be curbed by immediate reporting. 

Secondly, if the victim fails to report the incident immediately, the physical evidence or the physical examination report may differ in future or become unusable against the offender setting him free from the crime tempting him to attack the next target with more force and clubbed superficial confidence.

Thirdly in a country like India where a girl's image is associated with her being a celibate or not however forceful, makes the matters worse. And a girl's image is associated with the household she belongs to and every member of the house is answerable to the society for why it happened to their family so they hesitate to report the matters.In fact, all the family members must fight back and stand with the victim in the need of the hour so that she regains her lost confidence and self belief and get the offender punished. If you stand united, the same society will see you as torchbearers and follow your path to fight injustice. Believe me it is the most effective way to give strong message to others to not commit the crime or face the consequences. 

Remember the reporting and getting the offender behind the bars is not going to restore what's lost but it's surely gonna have to restore your faith in our judicial system, yourself and humanity and protect many more from the betrayal that you have undergone !

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