Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Sunday, 13 December 2015

#MadeofGreat Every Zone is a Home

Recently, the talks of #Intolerance wave prevailing in India are a cause of great disturbance to my peaceful mind and heart because i always believed in the power of being Indian. For me Being Indian is being more human, more empathizing, more soul contentment, more spirituality, more global, more self aware, more self correcting, more traditional, more optimistic, more lively, more adaptive and more believer in values, beliefs and customs... the only reason a country is divided in to parts is to govern easily and to give unadulterated attention and to delegate the responsibilities of that area's growth and smooth functioning but we as humans have divided our hearts according to our areas...is this what means being Indian? I am proud to be an Indian and would love to rebirth here as many times as god pleases me to send on earth. 

Though i belong 200% to India, my native place is Amritsar, Punjab (North India). I being a true blue Punjabi Kapoor, am a
chubby and happy go lucky girl who finds the simplest pleasures of life in the tiniest of things like good food and good sleep. Being a true blue foodie is every Punjabi's monopoly so i not being an exception is a die hard food lover. The sight of good food with the oozing aroma can make every Punjabi go bananas till they relish the food. Staying away from food for us is like being in exile. On the other side, we simply are perfect hosts to guests and are most famous for our large hearted hospitality. We don't regret any decision and let bygones be bygones. We treat guests as supreme and completely surrender in their hospitality and completely forget ourselves as we believe they are god like.We love our traditions and keep following them as it is. We are supreme believers in Humanity and almighty. We don't believe in taking revenge and forgive easily. We are soft hearted and Kindness is our second nature. We respect our women and love to pamper them. We are colorful people who love to dress up vividly and dance is the top most measure of us celebrating life and relationships where girls drool over Gidda and men are fond of Bhangra. 


Punjab literally means "Five" (Panj) "Waters"(Aab) i.e. land of five rivers referring to the five rivers which go through it. That's why it was made the granary of British India. Punjab is blessed to be known for its Cultural heritage and historical past from eternity. Harappa Sanskriti developed here and spread across other nations! Rig Ved and Upnishads were composed here. As per tradition, Maharishi Valmiki composed Ramayana near Amritsar city and Maharani Kaikayi too belonged from the region. We are the land of Gurus which teaches oneness of acts and thoughts as well as mind and soul. People of Punjab has made the country proud in every field ranging from sports, entertainment, business, media, creative arts and what not in every nook and corner of the world and reincarnated world's perception towards India for what we are capable of; for we are people driven with self belief, self sufficiency and willingness to excel however hard the circumstances are! Punjab Focuses on only on top! We give 100% focus to the task in hand even if we cultivate land to feed the nation or run a business empire, we aim at accomplishment! We drive towards success by not letting others down but raising our capabilities and productivity to excel because we don't believe in taking short cuts just like Tata Motors who brings the excellence to their every innovation and always surge ahead with head raised in pride and honor. Just like Tata Motors, Punjab is spiritually born and technically raised for we both are the fine blend of looks and perfection. 


We are true fighters against vices and truly adapt ourselves as per the conditions prevailing because we tend to be the most flexible people in our approach and mould ourselves accordingly as we are genetically designed like this. We are rich in our history and shining in our characters. The proof of our fighting spirit for we participate in freedom fight by all means, we sacrificed everything we had and undertook all risks to get our prestigious freedom...be it Jalliyaanwala Bagh Massacre or the !!!! Without being boastful, it turns out that we are the most loyal, most funny, most expressive, most emotional and most happiest people on earth as we gel with all sorts of people and are famous in our groups however large! We appeal to masses as well as classes equally...everyone loves us as generally, we have large hearts and too giving in nature which reflects our love just like Tata Motors who provide us with the best of technology, style, class and comfort and keep updating their love with the new innovations... 

We have alluringly simple hearts who accept people as and what they are! To sum up we connect with everyone having different temperaments and that brings along a charming heart to heart connection with everyone we meet in the course of our lives and we have more soulful and longer relationships! That's reassuringly factful that we live in others' hearts forever and ever as we believe in the transparency of emotions and we invest in the invaluable money of our relationships ! For us relationships are for keeps just like Tata Motors which have a unique companionship policy with his customers and is always on hand to improve, adapt and all ears for us which is definitely #MadeOfGreat... So, in all capacity we both try our best, give the rest and leave the rest to almighty... for more peek-a-boo on Tata Motors visit here 

#MadeOfGreat stuff is never born but made with correcting our mistakes with a no repeat policy, introspecting and to look in and out with same viewpoint, to never get disheartened with the disappointments and move ahead with more confidence accepting the failures as milestones and rejecting the short term temptations to reach beyond excellence!!!


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