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Friday, 18 December 2015

Female rights- the big fight

Since ages, we have been raised to an utter discrimination among both the sexes prevalent in the society....Since the stone age, the women were given the roles of nurturers and men took the responsibility of bread earners and protectors, hence got themselves the supposedly ultimate supreme job in the world....

In this modern era with an exposure of internet and easy access to every information across the globe, The SO called
supreme section has gone haywire and weird. And with the exposure and education, women too have stood for themselves and developed a thinking on their own and are outgrowing the shadows of these "protectors" and are adding to their growth physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Where it's no longer a taboo for a lady to become anything she wants to be and be independent and confident. With the onset of nuclear families, majority of men accepted and appreciated their partners and welcomed with open arms to the world of equality but a certain part of the same society still picture them to be fully-wailed, cooking and cleaning, raising kids, speaking slow and accepting the male dominated decisions and never raising her meek voice and cry in her dark room. and these handful men had taken the definition of manhood vastly known as "Mardaangi" to an all time stoop where the only thing matters to these men is to show their supremacy and monopoly over power and they are men enough to shown it to women only! They abuse, rape, torture, physically hurt them just to prove reassure themselves and remind women about their physical powers! That's have been the most prominent root cause of most heinous crimes against women and in a country like ours, its still hard though not impossible for a women to fight her case with no social support so most of the cases go unreported! But it has a series of serious after effects so #KnowYourRights

a. Any kind of sexual violence either verbal or physical, subjective, suggestive or objective, use of offensive sexual language is a crime according to the law so not a minor sexual behaviour should be taken lightly which may otherwise lead to a big incident. There's a thin line of dignity between indecent and offensive behaviour and every girl should be able to identify it from the very beginning and our family and value system can play a vital role in it to raise their girls full of confidence and alert...

b. Girls and their families often associate social stigma with these kind of incidents which gives more power to the offender and he reinforces his dirty work on others too! Please remember that the act was forced upon on you and you are in no way responsible for it or held guilty about it and all the shame hell should beak loose on the culprit rather than you! You are as pious as you were and you still has a head held high on your respected shoulders so walk with pride rather than shame and report immediately because your one report can save others' lives too!

c. Other than being a victim of  such a abhorrent, the girl is a respectable citizen of India and she must, in public interest, behave responsibly and report and let this fight grow bigger and bigger so that every culprit knows he will be in public eye for the rest of his life and won't be let go of his atrocious behaviour and will be severely punished. Na in the era of social media where everyone has a social existence, these Raavan's can be easily recognized and boycotted altogether.

We must remember if we fight together, we are sure to win and give a better society to our prodigies. Watch the beautiful video!    


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