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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Are Siblings FRENIMIES

Life gives you so much on a single platter ranging from opportunities to relationships which you pick and choose according to your mood, preferences, type, tastes but are we lucky enough to choose our family? A BIG NO! We are not! We must learn to love them. I have always wondered why its automatically that we fall in love with the set of parents we are blessed with but in the case of siblings, we tend to prefer someone just like us or if the sibling is not our type, we develop a love hate type of relationship with them. Though we love them but a kind of competition remain there always however hard we try to avoid it. On the other hand, siblings are a constant support when your world is upside down, siblings scold you when you take a wrong path, siblings rivalry has the best push up value to surge you ahead when you are legging behind, siblings give you the best of healthy competition when the other competitors has tried your stamina, siblings give you goose bumps when they threat you of consequences to tell parents if you don't move right, siblings give you the most unconditional and most loyal love after your mom... and i am proud to flaunt that I am blessed to have a sibling like this...

My Sibling Stories have lots of variations like a gripping Hindi movie. I was a complete
tomboy in my school so taking pangas with everyone was in my Punjabi blood so every other day, I would indulge in fights because I always knew that my big brother is there in school to help me in case of emergency. When I was in class eighth and while saving a girl from abusing in our school canteen, I fought with boys of XII D. A guy from the group hit me on my nose. By chance, my brother came there to have a cold drink from canteen and saw me bleeding profusely. He asked who did it and fought with the guys that he even got four stitches above his eyebrow and got rusticated from school for 10 days and got scolded by almost everyone but didn't disclosed my name to anyone. Thanks is such a small word for a big brother like him... but the story has lots more twists and turns...

My relationship with him is truly unique because we still even after getting married and having kids, fight like cats and dogs but make up too soon as we can't live without each other for long. We fought with each other and fought others for each other too. We accept the other as individual but still criticize their individuality, we sometimes hate each other for being different from each other but still love each other, As kids, we praised each other in front of others but criticized once we were alone, we compliment each other but are true opponents, we understand the other but still decline to accept so, we miss each other in the absence but accusations start once with each other. we reported falsely to parents but fight with the parents for each other, we got our work done from each other with buttering, sometimes threatening but forgot all fights and differences once we realized the real importance of siblings in our lives ....such is our zig zag bond of lifetime...I was the middle sibling with an elder brother and a younger sister so my brother used to apply every trick to fool me around and get his way. He would threat me to give him my money which I used to collect on durga ashtami. From that money, he would rent bicycle or comics and never bothered to share with me. He would leave me midway while going to school and start getting ahead with his classmates. He would eat my lunch too and grin unashamedly. He would bribe me with chocolates for not passing the bad information received from his teachers at home. This story is a love hate friendship between a brother and a sister. My brother and me used to fight like cats n dogs, we would find opportunities to complain and gossip about each other to our parents, we read in same school so I would keep an eye on him in lunch period just to find something to complain about and he would take revenge from me by not taking me along while going home after school is over. I used to pull his blanket out in winters when he is sleeping and switch off the fan or cooler in summers just to tease him. He used to hide my belongings or throw them to take revenge. I used to eat more chapatis just to leave him less. he used to take all my money collected in durga pooja and treat his freinds...then I found a solution to the problem, I used to exchange coins for notes from my father and put it in between two papers and paste the papers from all sides just to hide my money. To secure it more, I used to cut pictures of heroins from newspapers and paste it on both sides...my brother dint get to know about my trick till my marriage..now he always threatens me to tell my husband about the same... The stories to our childhood are endless but some things remain unforgettable. 

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One instance that is inked on my memory permanently was somewhat kind of thrilling and scary as well...we had a big big chest of drawers in our house....it was my favorite place to hide extra chocolates or extra pencils or new pens or money collected in Durga pooja because my big brother never bothered to open it and my sister was too small to be able to open it....the drawers contained many utilities of household like reel-needle box, scissors, buttons, inch tapes, coins, staplers, old letters, important newspaper cuttings, New crockery cups reserved for guests, mom's favorite magazines and many many more things.....one day, I was looking for my pencil....I saw a bundle rolled in rubber band hidden in the first drawer. Out of curiosity, I pulled it out and opened....Aila....my big brother's half yearly mark sheets with very scanty marks which out of fear he hid in drawer.....I was too surprised to see my father's signature on the papers. I grew suspicious as I thought how can papa sign these answer sheets without scolding my bro...and if he scolded him how I dint get to know. So i planned to show it to my mom and ask her about the same. It was my brother's birthday that day...I showed the papers to mom and my mom was also shocked and surprised as she also dint know when my father signed them....she asked my father about it....OMG!!!!!! Even he was unaware when he signed those papers....my father asked me to call my brother from park he went to play....... i was too happy to anticipate impending scolding to my brother. he asked me on the way why papa has called him but i acted innocent, i din't want to give away the thrill!!!.....stepping inside, he smelled something fishy....he was nearly turned black and blue by my father not for scoring bad marks but for forging his signatures......my mom's attempts to save him turned in vain....after an hour or so....my father brought cake for him and told him to celebrate his birthday but he was not in mood. ..papa forcibly made him cut cake......by then he got to know the real culprit behind the whole scenario.....he dint talk to me for about two months.......he still says me sometimes that you spoiled my birthday and threatens to tell everything to my hubby .....

Though the childhood is over but at heart, we both are kids and mind it, the competition is still ON!!! I still love to share with my brother my half baked knowledge, gossip and secrets. In addition to it, i also share my shortcomings with him so that he helps me get rid of my Grey areas and make me a better person. we have grown up on so much excitement and thrill that now we miss each other a lot, now that we live far away from each other and are always with each other whenever we need each other..he understands me even before I speak. he is the best friend that god has given me .....I wish those days come back...full of naughtiness and carefree moments!!!

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