Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Smiles are infectious and spreading them too!

Smiles are infectious and spreading them too! Smiles create further smiles! Smiles give us reason to live, reason to love, reason to explore, reason to bloom, reason to accept, reason to adapt. We pass smiles to other generations and the threads of love get more stronger. Sharing and spreading smiles has been in our culture since the inception of the civilization so we love to pamper our kids with smiles, we love to spoil our guests with them, we love to keep this tradition going and pass it on to our prodigies. 

Smiles give us many stories to share, many memories to relive, many moments to live and many lessons to learn from life. I am gonna share a small cute story
of smiles here to reaffirm how smiles changes our moments . The story goes not so long before when my son was immensely upset for his best friend was leaving him forever as her father was being transferred. Obviously he was gonna the moments of masti and smiles he lived with his best buddy and he wouldn't be able to recreate the same in the future. Though my son is a simple boy with only small demands from life and smiles easily but not that day.

Being blessed with very particularly religious grandparents, my son has turned out to be a complete god fearing child. He regularly offers prayers to the deities along with his grandparents. One day he was quite depressed because his best buddy Mannat was leaving school and our neighborhood too! as her father was getting transferred to Bangalore so my son was too upset. I asked him to offer prayers to god but he was too angry from almighty for he said; i regularly worship but why god did this to me and started crying furiously!!! He refused to mingle with his friends in neighborhood nor did he wanted to go to park for slides which otherwise is his favorite pastime. I ordered cheese pizzas to cheer him up, my younger daughter performed his favorite antics which otherwise would make his tummy painful with uninterrupted laughter but nothing seemed to please him. I even offered him to a long overdue picnic which he had been asking me to arrange for sometime.....getting his favorite ice-cream to buying him a big colorful rifle and Pokemon cards, nothing worked its wonder on his bad mood. watching him muddled, my in-laws too were desperate to cheer his mood. He desperately needed something to lift his spirits up and high! and It had to be Hatke :) 

He was sullen faced when i offered him a plateful of  McCain snacks covered with a steel cover. He was too uninterested to uncover and see what's inside but my daughter found it too tempting so she proclaimed coarsely, Bhaiya, McCain! He immediately got up and saw the contents pulling the cover up and jumped with joy and happiness. And McCain spread the missing smiles around with its yellow gold glowing snacks who spread like sunshine and melt like liquid gold in our mouths.   

McCain has cast its spell on my kids and their wavering moods. Now its your turn to spread smiles to everyone around be it kids, adult kids(wink wink) or oldies but McCain snacks are evergreen and a win win for everyone and are every foodie's delight. Not only or two, McCain snacks are available in a mouth watering variations Plz visit the website here to have peek-a-boo and choose your snack type.

McCain makes your mood
happy tummy with yummy food
sumptuous, juicy, easy to make,
glassy, classy and ready to eat
No fuss...only smiles and happiness
family time and memories endless
Pic, choose and try
You only need to fry
No cutting, chopping or cry
Oops! Its McCain time!

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