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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Channelizing my life properly

When i was a kid and a budding teenager back in 1990's the television was the only medium of entertainment in indian households and with the cable boom just entering our bedrooms, the TV viewing became as exciting as going to an excursion or planning a voyage and those days, everyone has enough leisure time to spend glued to the screens. As i was the middle one of three siblings and with a television addict Sadashiv Amrapurkar type father scaring our souls out for cricket match series and even watching the repeat telecasts end number of times, our mom would make a time table for our TV viewing time so that we all would not fight like cats and dogs for the TV remote and scare the neighbors out of their houses.

But as the times have progressed like anything with even emotions getting digital and the smartphones has booth captured our lives so much that even breathing seems a difficult task without our smartphone in our hands. Everyone runs for a life guard whenever the smartphone seems to be out of sight or seemingly disappeared. The smartphone has become the new deity of this smartphone devoted generation and this deity is the first to have a physical existence and a pre defined shape and dimensions and seems to work magic at the slightest touch. My smartphone has a magical touch as a fairy moving her magical stick and yields results with in fraction of seconds. I still being a child within love to watch my favorite shows on the go on my smartphone either with the help of apps or YouTube but my data pack ditches me so soon that i almost cry the tears of onions!!! 

The thrill of twists and turns which are gonna happen on the next day when the director cuts short the episode with an open end and all the butterflies' chatter in the world seems to un-satiate your tummy's news-feed hunger as what's gonna happen next, you become a parrot at the hands of TV but the sight of you sitting on the sofa and having a cuppa of hot coffee with remote in another hand becomes a scanty visual... Though the topmost reason for me rarely watching my daily dose of emotional thrilling drams on my favorite smartphone is that my super charged kids share the TV remote between themselves only with the elder one watching discovery channel and WWF and the younger one always cribbing for "Huddy mera buddy" and "Doraemon" which never allows me time for my rona dhona serials. As as majority of households, the TV remote is exclusively reserved for hubby dear ;) for Saturdays and Sundays and any other public holidays with kids clinging on to my clothes for some mercy that simply means to act as a peacemaker between hubby and kids which i am surely is a thought provoking subject fodder for another sarcastic blog post. Anyhow, coming back to the subject in hand, being super busy with the daily thrilling hectic life of a homemaker, i rarely get time to check out the new releases in the near theater so its always a delight to check them out after some months on YouTube for some amount but the expense on the pocket is quite double where the MB's keep going towards being bankrupt which gives almost a heartache to me and my money goes on dwindling as the platelets goes on reducing in the dengue patient :) Over and above the amount you pay to watch the movie as well to the channel. Mehangai dayan khaye jaat hai is the only phrase i remember then and the only one to scan through the husband's boring lecture on money management every month end if or not, my budget goes aflutter.

But in this era of preloaded tensions, worries and scrutinies, the only things which comes as a life savor are movies and television so at any given given point of time, they uplift you from worries and personal grudges and changes your mood altogether but these issues had to be tackled though. Then one day while sleeping, my heart ached and longed for almighty.

O Lord!
You are supremo!
You are the ultimo!
Please grant me 
The Saviour of mankind
and killer of monotony!
i want a saturated life
not full of agony!
Please help your child
Or my life will go haywire and wild!

God popped up instantly and blessed me with his both hands and gave me a parcel, smiled and disappeared. Almost instantly, i teared open the box inquisitively and found Tata Sky+ Transfer box. Then the Tata Sky+ Transfer came to me as a blessing in disguise as god himself gave me enlightenment when my life was much ahead of monotony, racing between to kitchen to drawing room only. 

Ever since Tata Sky+ Transfer has embedded in my life, life has become super cool. Apart from the privilege of recording the programs which i miss due to any real or superficial reason (read in between the lines married ladies with kids), i can transfer the programs to my android based smartphone though this luxury is available for iOS based gadgets too. That means if my husband and kids are watching television sitting on the couch, i can catch on my favorites while cooking in kitchen or sitting in another room because i can easily transfer the recorded programs to my phone. Now that's called technology reloaded!

That's not enough! you can still transfer your recored programs to your smartphone even if you are touring! Check yourself out in this brilliantly depicted commercial

And as a digital India supporter family, we have a Wi-Fi connection at home so i can anytime transfer my beloved programs to my smartphone. You too can undoubtedly can check out the privileges at http://www.tatasky.com/transfer/ and break the walls of confinement of boredom and rigidity. 

If you too are a couch potato like me who thinks that they have a life beyond reality too, set your alarm clocks right and the morning next can be the best morning of your life with you welcoming your best buddy "rocket in the pocket" entertainment right in your home and all can be happy without compromising!!!

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