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Thursday, 6 August 2015

the feature loaded eKavach App is your kid's perfect bodyguard

A new concept on the cyber sky has emerged after being discussed to being ripped apart if you are a supermom or superdad...leave the shabby concept behind and say hello to a new concept -are you a #eSuperMom or #eSuperDad...forwarding the newest thing on the block..lets discuss what's and how's... I am blogging about a new conquering app based on our most worried moments of our life-our kids and their cyber safety... This is my contest entry for the blogging contest by eKavach parenting control app on being  
#eSuperMom or #eSuperDad. 

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  The other day when my kids, son (7 years) and daughter (3 years) left for school, i was on the verge of  completion of my household work to start my fresh writeup on parenting, the door bell rang rather blatantly. I wondered who it could be and pulled the door open. To my utter surprise, a courier boy from a well known shopping portal stood at the gate grinning and holding a packet. I was clueless as i din't order anything for the past one month due to my son's exams. I thought my hubby could have ordered something and came forward to sign the receiving document. and here i was ridden in the rude shock of my lifetime, the packet  bore the name of my seven year old son and i stood mute as having aftershocks for some split of seconds when the courier man shaked me up to face the reality......

I opened the box and found a way-blade in it. I sat wondering how it could be possible and the advancement of kids in technology and how i was not an informed parent as to what my kids are doing on-line. My son was very happy to get what he desired for. When i asked him how he did all this...he gave me another jolt by saying, Mom!
YouTube has tutorials on everything! 

It left me so worried as my daughter has also started competing with her brother to play on line games on the computer....How could i protect the apples of my eyes from the impending dangers of Internet without hindering their growth and non interfering with their age related queries!!! 

My first step was to practice before i preach to cut short my time spent connecting with friends and family on social media acting as a perfect role model to my kids! Sigh! Secondary,i consulted with my techno-savvy big brother and he introduced me to a life saving phenomenal app which came to rescue me from my worries related to my kids when i am lost, unaware about their activities, in my own world. e-Kavach  as the name suggests is a parental control app is specially built for parents like you and me who want to conquer the world in their scanty of time available in their lifetimes at the cost of ignoring their kids' tender moments and leaving them in-vigilant...As a kid is like a clay which takes the shape as and when they are raw and ready to be moulded...

Here are my set of worries after i leave my kids at home unguarded with a lot of if's and but's but e-Kavach has solved all thanks to its power loaded features...

What my kids are doing on the Internet while i am away :- Its been a long debate on the safety of kids surfing Internet but i as a mother should keep a tab on what my kids are doing in cyber world but with e-Kavach, i can simply relax as the fantabulous app which provides safety of kids from cyber dangers such as sexually explicit content, cyber bullying, impersonation, cyber crimes by filtering for them, their age appropriate content with safe search options by blocking unwanted and detrimental sites. In addition to this marvel feature, it also lets you set the time limit with the options to set the number of hours or number of days a child can access net...that also means, they are under the vigilant eye of a stern supervisor which also notifies you on your mobile if any setting is tempered with....thank you e-Kavach for being an ever vigilant guard!

Is too much screen proximity affecting the health of my lovelies:- When the parents are away, they can't limit the cyber time for their kids as Internet has become an addiction for all of us. I can confirm it by citing that whenever my daughter asks me anything and i tell her-i don't know- she immediately tells me to use Google...If a three year old knows about Google, don't you think we are living in a digitally-advanced-completely-addicted era...so e-Kavach regulates the limitations set by parents for their kids' cyber viewing time which is a  good initiative for kids will be engaged in physical activities or simply having conversations with each other when their permitted time limit expires which is a healthy sign to improve their stamina and their sibling bonding or bonding with other members of the family otherwise every member of the family is too busy in his/her own cyber family ignoring the needs of their physical family...so e-Kavach came to my rescue when i mostly needed it...     

How can i access control on my kids activities when i am not with them:- with the access control feature in this significant app, as parent, i can feel my control over the cyber activities my kids are indulging in even if i am not physically present with them and i know every time my child is taking which route to his individual intellectual development and can cease any chances to take excessive liberty to exercise his right to information...

Would i be able to detect if my child has landed in trouble:- With rising crimes and child abuse cases, it has rather become too difficult to leave your kids impetuous with no help at their disposal, but with e-Kavach parental control app your kids's safety has really become a child's play. You can locate your child's location because your child is always connected to you 24X7 through his device through the e-Kavach hence your child always have a virtual bodyguard...what say!!!  A child can send a SOS message from his device with its Geo-coordinates so that his location could be traced very easily...fantabulous feature..isn't it?           

What if i am unable to safeguard my child in the hour of emergency:- It may be possible that in a contingency, i maybe out of network reach or simply out of town when my child signals a danger so how could i reach him. e-Kavach gives you to connect multiple children with parents and multiple parents to one child and can also map multiple devices at a time...isn't it good that your child is secured with many protection layers with a single step...   

Stay Tuned for many new features to be added in this fantabulous app very soon <3 <3 

...And the step is to download eKavach App by clicking Here or from Google Play Store on your device.
or you can get in touch with the utility and security redefined eKavach Team via their Facebook Page or Website 

The perpetual fighter of destiny our very own boxer Mary Kom and a vigilant mother of three has entrusted the security of her kids in the secure hands of eKavach thus further strengthening my trust and adding tonnes of credibility to my belief in this wonderful app <3 <3 <3 

Though eKavach acts as virtual parent in your absence who takes care of what is good and what is bad for the kids' safety and security and is my trustworthy partner... and surely my best buddy eKavach has surely turned me in to #eSuperMom. 

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