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Thursday, 20 August 2015

my home is my dream destination

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned"

Yes! For me my home defines the most cherished comfy zone of the world where i can be myself all the time and still be embraced as it is. Home is an extension of my personality and my aura and is tentatively my shed to protect myself from the atrocities and pressures the society build upon. A place where i can escape and go in to hiding for ages and still needn't feel the urgency to get in to outside rush...A place from which i am miles apart but still my heart aches for it and my heart just don't wish to part with it...

Yes! My home! the nest of dreams where i see my fantasies getting fulfilled, my moments of pride, happiness, jealousy and hatred and my shattering and sufferings sometimes! Some may say that a house is a silent spectator of human expeditions but i know that a house speaks volumes, the only thing needed are the eagered ears <3 My home has seen all, the new additions to our family, the people going to their final abodes, the lights and colors of festivals, the ever changing rangoli designs, youngsters getting colorful and wild, old getting older and wiser, the aroma of mom cooked food, the fights of siblings, the scoldings of father, the drizzling of mom's love, the debates on various topics ranging from literature, society,education; the tussles of egos, the ever going fights, the cute confessions...

Though every nook and corner of my house is my heartbeat but my drawing room is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) of our house. We have a L-Shaped big spacious hall where the majority of time of the day is spent doing numerous things. We all meet and greet each other first in the morning in this room after coming out from our respective rooms. My mother-in-law religiously follow "Ramayana" in this room. My father-in-law sits on the sofa, reads his daily dose of newspaper and his cup of hot tea. My kids get ready and come to this room to take blessings of their grandparents and have their breakfast.My husband sits here chit chatting with the family. Our guests come, sit and enjoy hearty conversations. We all gather here to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and decorate it with love. We watch movies, cricket matches, comedy shows, news, crime thrillers all cajoled in to sofas and munching something or the other. We shout, we hoot, we debate, we fight, we win, we loose in this lovely room...

As i was expecting my girl when we shifted to this home so din't get the time to renovate it according to our tastes and preferences so this room has a lot of under-utilized space which can be used to provide more comfort and more utility to the members of the house. I want this room to be a cozy, comfy and soothing place with pastel shades and the furniture should be classy, sober and ubercool keeping in mind the ongoing trends and also the comfort level of its residents. As majority of the portion is not utilized, i want my room to be done tastefully and aesthetically with some nature inspired sketches adorning the walls and some rustic touch to the whole room as i love nature view and this setting will let my hubby and me to meditate more and bring positivity to our beloved nest...

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