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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

E-Learning concept is a futuristic concept

With the technical advancement and Internet boom, learning has long left the boundaries of classrooms and traditional methods of acquiring knowledge and has come so handy in the form of smart phones, tablets, phablets, laptops and computers.The people of this new technically sound era are all rounders learning by sitting in the comfy zones of their houses via computers...This is terminologically called E-learning. In the simplest form, the process of procuring awareness through computer screens in a live session is called E-learning

Now that every nook and corner of the world is connected to each other via Internet, how can the ever expanding-ever adapting education sector lag behind so even schools have specially started conducting E-Classes for the kids. Over the tried and tested methodology adapting learners, E-learners have an extra edge in many areas which i will discuss with you all one by one 

Understanding and adaptation:- Its a common headache for teacher and parents as well to handle kids and get their unadulterated concentration on the subject taught but kids are infamous to have short attention span but moving pictures with voice modulating attractive voices behind seem to cast its spell on kids and their focus is fixed to the screen. And again, its said the impact of audio-visual combo is durable and lasting...

Fun learning process:- The process of E-learning includes use of different colorful animated characters and various voices backing them so kids find it easy to absorb the new information they are getting because kids have always been lovers of walking and talking screen.

Benefiting Weak learners:- E-learning even enables the slow learners and so called weakest children who otherwise have difficulties recognizing and remembering things. And the interesting part is that they learn while having fun with their other fellows and don't find it boring or monotonous.  

Bridging the gap for inequalities:- E-learning gives equal learning opportunities to all kids starting from the zero level with the help of pictorial messages and the steps to go forward and doesn't discriminate between a quick learner and a slow learner so all the kids are treated same with no breeding of favoritism or partiality towards a particular child as in case of traditional methods of teaching.

Less is more:- With E-learning, the conventional costs of education can be saved and the cost can be spent to development of new techniques to make school education more effective and more widely spread. And not to forget the same course can be shared with unlimited kids year after year with up-gradations and additions from time to time.

Remotely connected:- E-learning can be imparted to anyone through a computer screen anytime anywhere for there is no need to visit a classroom to gain know-how and any place can be turned in to a classroom even when you are freshly woken up from your sleep or retired for the day.All the remote areas where education has still not spread its shining wings can be widely connected as well so raising the level of people is directly proportional to spreading education and education eradicates many social evils like poverty, crime and broaden our mental horizons.So, even if a village which doesn't boast of a school, can have their children educated through E-learning.

Extra Coaching:- Some kids find the cumbersome formulas of maths and science a herculean task to understand and execute so the fun way of  E-learning can perform and show the kids the formulas and equations in a fun way which the kids will enjoy, understand and simplify. It is also beneficial for the kids who need extra coaching for some particular subjects where the child can have interaction with the live trainer on one on one basis and have his queries solved then and there.

E-learning has emerged as a powerful tool to help and upgrade our education system and is gonna be ground reality everywhere in years to come


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