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Monday, 17 August 2015

Cooking to my heart's content with #DelMonte

Ever since My kids have grown up a little and started having their own eating preferences which includes pasta, burger, pizza, momos....I, as a caring mom, has started getting goosebumps in my tummy for the kids are always on the look out to eat outside which is not a healthy option considering the germs and bacteria attacks even on the hygienic food we consider eating safe. Forget about letting them eat outside as summers and rains play havoc with the kids' stomach with the inbreeding of germs in street food.....so as a mother whose world are her kids, i ensure they remain in the pink of health and always give them the best. 

Day before yesterday, the weather was rainy with cool breeze chilling the face when both my kids started demanding a pizza treat so i gave them the healthiest of treats with the #DelMonte authentic pasta.

I will now let you peek-a-boo in my secret recipe of pasta which my kids relished like anything...My son even complemented me by
saying.....mamma, This is really like ordered from restaurant

The List of ingredient tops the basic ingredient Del Monte Farfalle Pasta(450 grams) . The basic attraction my kids find in Del Monte Farfalle pasta is it's fun shape of butterfly and i find the goodness of it's nutrition factor. A truly irresistible pack of all goodness in one.


The other ingredients are Soy sauce for color and a bit of tang(two tablespoons), Del Monte Mayonnaise for creamy texture(four big teaspoons), Del Monte sliced black olives(three spoonfuls)

Coming to adding more nutrition factor to the pasta, i added veggies to it:- Chopped onion(two small onions), 1/4 cauliflower, one capsicum each of red, green and yellow color(all chopped in to small blocks) and boiled corn(half cup).

Boil the pasta on full heat for fifteen minutes for finely chewable consistency regularly stirring up with five to ten drops of olive oil and some salt in it.once done, pour it in to a big sieve to let the excess water drain out. 

Heat four table spoons of love oil in a big pan and heat on medium flame. Once hot, put chopped onions and stir till golden fry. 

Now put all the veggies except corn and cauliflower and soy sauce to give veggies a tingling taste and keep stirring for two minutes. 

Now, add cauliflower and stir for a minute. 

Now put drained pasta, mayonnaise, corn kennels and sliced olives. and not to forget Del Monte Arrabbiata sauce(200 grams) especially made for mouth licking pastas and mixed Italian herbs(1 1/2 spoonful ) easily available in the market.Now add the required salt and 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper.

Mix all the ingredients well and serve hot with topping of black sliced olives as garnishing....

My kids just finished off their platefuls of this sumptuous pasta...now its your turn to recreate the same magic in your kitchens and in to your kids's hearts.

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