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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

weight watcher's dilemma

Have you ever wondered what on earth is the most dreaded thing for a human being is ??? Is it fear of death, loss of beloved, cheating from your love, heartbreak, any disaster,loss of beauty, loss of speech ...No!!! The greatest fear on this earth is abandonment. When you have everything except for the love and acceptance of society you live in, you break in many ways beyond repairs but the irony is that people near you fail to see it with their normal vision as it needs an extremely empathetic heart to see what is not visible to naked eyes...A ruptured heart needs
not redressel of his hidden wounds but understanding the  root-cause of his pain in his shattered  feelings.

Transitioning from a chubby child to an overweight teenager to an obese adult has been an inner fight within me where i appeared to be happy and content but internally fought a battle every second that why i was the target for everyone who wanted to pull a prank or simply tease me for my weight, why i was always at the receiving end of all the sarcastic comments, nagging and embarrassment. I used to think of why everyone finds faults with my appearance for no fault of mine but my genes. I was on the verge of emotional breakdown. I suffered series of   trials, misconceptions, tribulations, guilt and a serious inferiority complex to the verge of attempting suicide. I could visualize my loneliness laughing all the time at me and i would be sorry for my appearance and would always pity myself. I was mere reduced to a self-depreciating and self-pitying object devoid of emotions. My tongue would leave me when someone ridiculed me. I left sitting in groups and stopped attending social gatherings just to avoid any unpleasant instance. I would stare at blank for long till someone disrupted me from my thought process. I started skipping meals and even if i had in a day, all it comprised was one chapati and some vegetable. My health deteriorated and studies took a backseat, i almost given up on school...weight loss became the top most agenda of my life...these all started with my weight issues which is just a physical issue..forget people having anything to do about what you have inside your body-perhaps a beautiful heart...I learned rather late that self acceptance is the key to most problems which hurt you mentally. The moment you accept yourself the way you are...you become carefree and vigilant about oneself. The most important lesson i learnt from this dull chapter of my life is that everyone has a predefined path dictated by god...we should walk it with his love and acceptance because he accepts and adapts you the way you are...For more articles related to health visit https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you  

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