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Saturday, 11 July 2015

unwrapping the bundle of joy

A baby brings along the completion of you as a human and as a mother; And suddenly the meaning of you as a human life changes all together with the sole purpose of existence zeroed on the little one who smells fresh every time you touch him, the touch of magnificence...The moment you hug or cuddle your bundle of joy, something takes birth within you and grows in leaps and bounds with the growth of your child. The moments you spent gazing at your child when he's sleeping of playing, the moments when you held his hand, the moments he touched you with his innocent touch and you felt on top of the world are all after effects of touch therapy which makes us feel better, perform better, understand better and even remember better!!!

As a mother, i was quite vigilant
about what to use and what not to use for my baby as he was the most precious magical thing to have happened to me and i wanted to give him the best.I would eat the choicest of fruits, vegetables and grains so that he should be getting all the right nutrients in mom's nectar, i would bring the softest organic clothes for him, i would not make him wear diaper due to diaper rash fear. i would love to give him the warmest massage with my hands because it is the expression of #FirstLove between mother and child; but i was too confused to choose the perfect oil. My mother-in-law would suggest mustard oil because she used it on her kids, my mother would suggest sesame oil but that was too sticky and odourful. I was too tired of listening to #UnaskedAdvises and was in serious dilemma. then my hubby suggested to go my way and search the Internet. I over searched the net night and day and found that olive oil and almond oil both are equally beneficial for the strong growth of kids and extremely beneficial for their skin. Again i was in quandary as to what to do, only then a messenger of god sent me some bottles of Dabur Baby Massage Oil as a token of blessings to my newborn. I was just top of the world and thanked god for the blessing because it had both the goodness of almond and olive oil which i was looking for. 

I would suggest all the new moms to use this wonderful and enchanting muse to give love massages to your bundle of joy because it's dual action of course not only provides strong bones to your future hero but gives his skin a lovely glow and eradicates the skin's dryness if any. Olive oil has this particular super power of regenerating tissues giving your child's skin a soft and silky feel along with the goodness of Vitamin E.even if your child's skin, the olives would soothe and blend nicely in the deep skin leaving it heavenly. On the other hand,almond oil is too fortified with the richness of almonds and is saturated with vitamin E,B and A and nourishes the skin with better penetration improving the complexion and retaining the pink glow and saves the baby skin from any kind of allergies or bacterial growth. Both the oils are non greasy and doesn't stick to body like other oils and so gives you inimitable penetration. The additional benefit of Dabur Baby Massage Oil is that they are free of harmful chemicals and are absolutely safe for the baby's fragile skin. Needless to say my baby grew sound and robust with a healthy glow and a strong body built. 

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