Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Friday, 3 July 2015

The funda of De-stressing

Stress has been a spoiler for many of us who hope to cope with it day after day but in vain and continue to share a companionship with this dreaded partner long long enough to give a percussion to not only our mental health but our external beauty as well inviting severe of health problems to us... I have been a live example of how stress ruins you and your internal piece and you seem to fight an perpetual battle within your mind and heart. A monologue always seem to fill you with clustered emotions and negativity where you don't foresee a way out and fight internally. You seem to divide in to two parts where the one is constantly revolting and the other one is always on the work allotted to it... I was obese since childhood so as a teenager, I had a strenuous time dealing severe depression which was a mixed result of nagging comments from family, relatives and friends that crept a feeling of incapability along with guilt and i found myself on the verge of self loathe and self depreciation. I was taking me as a useless and unwanted person who's just of no use to anyone ...

I started having hallucinations
 of being incomplete and begged others to accept me in my daydreams. I started having nightmares that i am dumped by my family and i am all alone in this big world. the devil migraine got the best of me those days where i was mere reduced to a puppet at the hands of my inner demon. I would behave strange in social gatherings and would doubt rather everyone. My family took me to psychiatrists. I would prefer to stay in a dark corner of my house even when my family wanted to take me out. And even if i stepped out, there seems to be blackout in my  view towards the world where everything seemed to me black and white than colorful.I wouldn't bathe for days altogether and kept looking as oblivion...

then my English teacher came like a hoarder in my life and brought me back with her unceasing efforts to where i belonged to- lively, cheerful, happy and content...like a phoenix.

Whatever she taught me, i am gonna give crust of to all my lovely readers so that devil depression doesn't cost you your supreme moments of life:-

No comparisons :- God has given us all individual personalities with our own sets of pros and cons so why compare!!! Comparison is a waste of one's potency and energy towards a dead-end where we don't get any fruit for comparison but sheer negativity... Believe that you are unique and individual!!! And if the comparisons are being drawn with yourself, leave the place and the company at one go!!! Haters Suck!!! 

Delegation of responsibilities :- You are not a superhero to have the finest of qualities in you or a hundred of hands and feet to do all pending works in the shortest span of time so relax, take your time and do as per your capabilities. no one is gonna reward you for your achievements and no one is gonna punish you for your imperfections. It is perfectly natural to be imperfect after all we are humans and we have our own fights and shortcomings and remember, we are not running a marathon...

Periodic ME-time :- It's important for everyone to take out some moments of ME-time. We fight so many engagements in the limited time of twenty four hours that we exhaust ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually that we forgot to spent moments with oneself where introspect to see and talk internally, review our strengths and weaknesses and correct our blunders and of course move ahead with more confidence to conquer challenges...     

Self-acceptance is the key :- The sooner we accept ourselves, the better life we live. Yes!!! accept yourself!!! What others think of you really doesn't matter than what you think of yourself because in my situation too, i let other's opinion matter to me than mine which worsened the situation. I was afraid of people's opinion and wanted to mould myself according to what others wanted me to be rather what i wanted myself to be. remember, You are supreme and the only person capable to conclude about yourself, not others...

So, with these self-help tips, i would love to see all who are entangled in vicious circle of depression, transformed in to their new skins which would be full of love, laughter, happiness, acceptance and self-love...find more of family life go to https://www.rewardme.in/family

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