Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Thursday, 9 July 2015

reliving childhood with little rock-stars

I still remember my alluring childhood days when we were too careless, too ignorant and too virginal to understand the intricacies of life...All we were aware of was play, food, sleep, study and Television in however order...hahaha!!! And i must not forget to mention, the television view was limited to Ramayana, Mahabharata and Jungle Book and that too on Sundays. My father was a disciplinarian and never allowed us to watch television or play beyond limits and we would only though undesirably follow his instructions; the only time we kept the rules at bay was his absence pataoing our mom but as all moms of those times (wink wink), my mom was too petrified of her husband although my father was a thorough gentleman but the discovery originated quite late when after my marriage, i started conversations with my father more frequently and more intimately. My grandmother would scare us kids saying "let your father come" to get all works done according to her wishes ranging from homework to switching off TV to helping in cleaning the house...as per my intelligence can detect and discover, with the birth of humanity on earth, the early Fathers were considered the terrorists of the house because their such images were build by the grand moms and grand grand moms and kids never ever got the chance to discover their fathers through their own eyes and wit.....In a nutshell, my father was considered the Amrish Puri of our house and we kids were too terrified to ask him any question out of curosity but he would occasionally make us kids sit with him and told us mythological stories or how festivals were celebrated in his time and what was the purpose of doing pooja in festivals....  


On the contrary,
my husband is a buddy father to his kids.He plays with the kids mind games of which he's master and in return my son taught him playing ludo and snakes & ladder which were amiss in his time as a kid. He is an English teacher so he's a teacher at home too with his kids (A teacher remains a teacher however the place and conditions wink wink) but soon after my son becomes his teacher when he tells him his cooked up fantasy stories full of monsters and superheroes.Though my hubby is a busy businessman who rarely gets the time to watch television but my son has made him aware of all the superheroes and aliens like Ben-ten, Pokemon,MotuPatlu, Krish, doremon, Novita, Chota Bheem and asks him to tell him a bed time story of his favorite heroes only full of thrills and adventure and by my son's efforts, he's improved a lot as a story-teller and can woo any kid to sleep's dreamland. They both place bets and compete each other daringly for anything and everything ranging from races to fastest eating competitions to jumbled word competitions Pheewwww!!! They even have sumo fights and we also arrange for first prize and consolation prize, isn't it too cute??? My son shares his knowledge and his unending trail of questions with his father which his father very patiently answers him which on average has increased his reasoning and logical powers because my son asks lots of how's and why's.......They both have intellectual and logical discussions as my son is quite a braino who has fantastic logics behind everything.They both cook us such spooky stories with voices and imaginary drawings that anyone would be scared to hell. My hubby makes his school projects and ask him even the minutest detail about how it would be done and my son lets him peek-a-boo of kids world with his rich imaginary skills. My husband is too shy to shake a leg so at my sister-in-law's wedding, my son taught him a step or two and they both danced their ways to the people's heart and mesmerized everyone with their moves. My husband teaches him English but my son teaches him to make new slang words by mixing two or more words which are sometimes too funny. My hubby teaches him the value of being simple so in reaction my kiddo teaches him to be stylish and even tells him the combinations of clothes and shoes to be worn!!! My husband taught him to have full traditional meals with combo of rice, chapati, pulses, curd, vegetables and do you know my son taught him to start his morning meal with a bowlful of skimmed milk with lots of Kellogg's Chocos as a wholesome breakfast <3 <3 .My kiddo simply loves chocos and a day without it is deficient for my kid...You too can know more about the super food more at https://www.facebook.com/mychocos. And when they both giggle like small kids while eating chocos milk, it actually feels like that Kellogg’s Chocos ke saath ‘Khuljaye Bachpan..... yum! Yum! Yum! 

My husband comes from a village background so he wants his kids to know about their roots so we keep shuttling between his native place and our city house in holidays where my husband accompanies my son to fields and lets him see seeding, ploughing, sowing, threshing, harvesting and gives him tractor rides, he even taught him how to manually plough fields.On the other hand, my hubby is quite ignorant of smart-phone's operation as he is not proficient in computers, my son started teaching him how to use them when he was a toddler of only three...this is exactly what you call generation gap!!! But my hubby never lets this generation gap affect the divine relationship of the world i.e.father-son. He wants to relive his childhood with his son and give him a friend, a companion of lifetime and a secret-keeper so that he can proudly flaunt -he's my buddy papa!!!

As mothers, we overdo a lot of love, cuddling and cooing moments with our kids because we always have been "buddy parent" but most fathers overlook the importance of being present in their kid's life and almost remain passive in their growing years. Though most fathers would blame it on their hectic schedules but as another parent they must ensure that they participate in their kid's life qualitatively even if not quantitatively... So as to build more "Khuljaye Bachpan" moments, i hereby urge more and more fathers to become buddies to their kiddo and let them nourish and flourish in their own individual ways and get their own personality traits from their own experiences. Rather than commanding discipline, the child should be made understand the importance of discipline by being a role model...You both have to explore your individual journeys hand in hand so as to make "buddy parenting" a futuristic feature of rearing up children so kids don't become mere caricatures of our own selves' photocopies in to another human body....So the only rule applied to "buddy parenting" is mutual happiness and mutual growth with mutual contentment while learning, adapting and accepting as a bilateral concept <3 <3 so three cheers to happy parenting oops "Buddy Parenting"   
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