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Sunday, 21 June 2015

the perfect home

The biggest disadvantage of being born in a typical Punjabi family is that you get to eat the highest calorie packed, highest oil-injected and highest spice-oriented food all the time ever since your body allows you to eat food other than milk. You get to eat shallow fried, deep fried and what not fried that you simply grow up on the flavors each food item dishes out. You get so accustomed to the ever happening tadka and non-veg being prepared at home that
your nose starts rejecting the stench it produces as bad and distasteful, an odour which simply kills the taste of food being eaten forget about relishing...because you get so used to this smell but what about others who visit your home off and on or on some special occasions!!! This happened some time back when my father got promoted as AGM in his office and invited his boss, Mr. Aiyyar, for dinner along with his family.Mr. Aiyyar was too fond of north indian home cooked food as my father always carried more food just to share with his boss so just to celebrate his promotion, he invited Mr. Aiyyar who at many occasions deliberately hinted at being invited for delicious food at our place.he came along with his wife and kids...their perfect happiness to have plateful of sumptuous food vanished in to distasteful faces when they entered our house... Because mom also prepared some non-veg for the guests, the stench it left was almost unbearable and even exhaust fan in the kitchen surrendered after putting his extra efforts....Somehow the food was served on the table but guests were too uncomfortable and their faces were weird because neither they were able to hold their noses buttoned nor were able to complain. My mom urged them all to start having food. After five minutes or so, Mr. Aiyaar's seven year old son asked my mom very     innocently that if we ever used AmbiPur Air Effects and don't ask me..how much we all were ashamed to this small query!!! Even a child knows the difference between pleasant and unpleasant...anyhow, the dinner was finished but no one seemed to be pleased neither guests nor hosts...the culprit behind obviously was bad odour and my father was so displeased with my mom for no fault of her though she cooked as best as she can but all her efforts were ruined just for the monstrous odour. since then my mom had made it a habit to keep stocks full of AmbiPur in all its variety however the season...And needless to mention, since then all our guests are met with a perfect household with no odd smells but a plateful of home cooked delectable food. And i would love to urge all my lovely readers to change your household moods by getting bottleful of AmbiPur because Indian households are a perfect paradigm of emanation and bad odours can wreck havoc to your moods and relationships and turn your sweet homes from #SmellyToSmiley  

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