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Friday, 5 June 2015




An open and very different (cliche') girl ultimately falls in love with a man much older to her and marries him with exuberant expectations but after four years gets bored from her non-happening life and comes back to her native place to live her colorful life which she's habitual of......

Dear readers, Let's go step by step

1.Characteristics of Tanu:- a Delhi university graduate with a child like behaviour who doesn't bother about society, not even her parents.The protagonist lives in her Disneyland with a rowdy boyfriend and her only purpose of life is makeup,liquor, random traveling with anyone and unadulterated fun including dancing and singing.    

1. What were Tanu's expectations from her marriage

 :- No doubt, the character is very lively, chirpy and colorful but when it comes to marriage, it's an institution where two families meet and two people agree to live with each other through thick and thin but the protagonist fails to understand and adapt this..for Tanu, the life should remain same even after marriage with fun N frolic, liquor shots, night outs at pubs and sex unlimited.....she has no idea of her responsibilities as a wife and daughter-in-law but is only aware of her never ending expectations..........

2. Marriage is a child's play for her:- She comes back to her home town and devour her Mangalsutra and wipe out her Sindoor as if they don't hold any place in her marriage and revamps herself in to her old avataar.

3.She's a top notch drama queen :- After coming back to her parent's, she almost every day goes for outings on any motorcycle she finds for her selfish use ranging from her tenants's to her Ex-BF's but when she finds out her ex-husband marrying another girl, she abuses him by calling "Badchalan" and that too when he's not dating another girl but committing for life.....and when she sings "MOVE ON MOVE ON" why doesn't she move on!!!!!!!! because she's the one who left him her husband....

4. Coming to Manu Sharma, why does he falls in love with a lookalike of his ex-wife.....why he played with the emotions of the poor girl when he still lived in the past shadows.....

5. Acting Departments :-

Kangna Ranuat shines as usual in respiring her role as fresh and lovely as ever; Tanuja Trivedi but i have no compunction in admission that she captures the screen with her simple spell as Datto aka Kusum Saangwaan. Datto is not only down to earth, practical and a lady of virtues and principals but she can also take fight for what she deems right.....Kangna has outshone her all performances in the past with Datto....I have fallen in love with Datto.... 

6. The love factor:- The love-hate relationship between the couple is very common among married couples which director Anand L Rai has depicted very sensibly and the dreams of Tanu regarding her marriage as a bed of roses have hallucinated majority of our girls which we keep showing to our girls ever since they are born which result in drastic contrast with the bitter reality....and the end result!!!!!!!

7. The Humor Factor :- The film keeps you glued to the screens with not a single moment distraction and humor is the integral part of TWMR which takes all your blues out....and you forget your worries and start living with Tanu and Datto's Journey...roles are clearly etched out and Pappi ji once again shows his brilliant prowess at humor.....A well coordinated and well timed comedy by all.

8. The best entertainer of 2015 :- This is the best wholesome entertainment deal in 2015 from Anand L Rai.....The movie keeps running at the back of the time long after you watch it....Kudos to the team!!!!!! Cheers 

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