Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Saturday, 27 June 2015

stress-ful vs success-ful

I am the world, 
I am the universe, 
I am oxygen to mankind 
I am a strong base, 
I am omnipresent, 
I am versatile,
I have superpowers,
I am superwoman, 
I nurture, i protect,
I rotate, i resurrect,
I obey, i correct,
I live in every heart,
I am in every tiny bit.....
Yes!!! I am a woman!!!!! 

A woman in itself is a vast onomastics that describing the word and the hidden powers within may erupt a global discussion

as to what a woman is all about??? We have seen our moms not only working endlessly but continuously and persistently for their families without any demands or complaints.Their impenetrable efforts along with their 24X7 visual and virtual hardship leaves them no time for themselves...  

Being a woman in this super-smart and super-fast world isn't a child's play.Today's lifestyle and phenomenal demands of our busy schedules leave us take a literal toll on our mental and physical health. Of course the priorities change when you get married and have kids when you have to fulfill responsibilities on multiple levels ranging from a loving mother to a obedient daughter-in-la to a caring sister-in-law to a dutiful and ever-smiley wife to a cook, carpenter, cleaner, laundrywoman,teacher, motivator, caretaker!!! Phwwww!!! but the top most priority also includes a bit of self care and some ME-time...

The research shows that Indian women top the most stressed out in the list of followers like Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Spain, France with South Africa and Italy sharing the same percentage in decreasing order..... 

Though as women, we are expected to perform a mountainful of duties and responsibilities but who has told us on earth to wear out so much physically and mentally that almost every second women end up getting a sort of inferiority complex or inefficient tag within or an impending depression syndrome. the reasons may wary from the society's whale of expectations from us, the sarcastic comments on so called incompetencies to self expectations to self pity.....You all must be wondering what self expectations are all about??? 

The constant comparison to other females either verbally, visually or physically gives women a hoax of self incapability to fulfill her liabilities and a kind of self depreciation and guilt, the result of which is self pity and an entanglement of clubbed emotions and the initiation of threatening depression... 

I would urge all ladies to go easy on them while completing their obligations because nobody is perfect is this world. In fact perfect is synonym with impossible and don't give yourself torture just to be in the lookout for perfection because it doesn't exist. After all life is not an exam which you have to secure distinction in and your happiness is not dependent on how many marks you secured. But all happiness lies in with being yourself, prioritizing your time and responsibilities, delegation of work and being feel good about yourself surrounded by your loved ones.....

I would discuss in detail in my next blog post as to how you can live life fully and with contentment not worrying over what other are thinking about you and how much rating you secure as per others....so being a woman, its truly important to indulge in some ME-Time to freshen up and rejuvenate <3 <3 .For more topics covered on family life please visit https://www.rewardme.in/family  

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