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Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Yuck story

I am a cleaning freak that sometimes my known tell me that i am insane at times when i can't take it easy with any litter or my house getting dirty and scattered... seriously, i can't stand my house disorganized or stinky!!! Irony stuck me when
i had my second child in peak rainy season....my house would smell junk all the time with smells of dampness from the rains, semi-wet clothes, urinated clothes of my infant and leftovers by my first child....all the chaos was making me hell mad but i couldn't help it as i had cesarean so couldn't move an inch and the full time maid i hired was having the hell of her lifetime with all the household chores, running after my toddler son, cooking including special meals for me like halwa and anjeer ladoos which are especially given to a new mom for good milking as i was breast feeding my newborn, cleaning, washing and what not!!!!! To top it all, the fragrances of special dishes being prepared for me along with regular ones gave such a tamarind kind sticky smell which circulated within house that my daughter would start sneezing or crying hysterically!!!! Though i was aware of all the circumstances i was literally cursing myself for not planning the baby well in advance either in autumn or winters!!! Though shameful to admit but even my husband sort of dillydally for entering the room even to see our newborn daughter which broke my soul further. I was most embarrassed when i had guests,relatives and acquaintances overflown at my place to congratulate me and bless my baby...all things mixed up were oozing out such muggy smell that even i wanted to run away from that place and you guys can't imagine my helplessness and hypersensitivity. Out of irritation, i was yelling at my hubby, my maid and even my toddler son!!!!! What a witch behaviour i underwent!!!!! I was begging god for help to ease out my frustration and cut off my embarrassment as i got to know from somewhere that ladies in my kitty were laughing on my condition and commenting about my house as well...Then my younger sister-in-law came in picture and she procured me some containers of AmbiPure Air Effects which acted like an ice pack on my wounded heart. AmbiPure not only ditched the odours for i sighed relief.I asked my sister-in-law to fetch me all the fragrances available like AmbiPure Air Effects Blossoms & Breeze, AmbiPure Air Effects Spring & Renewal, AmbiPure Air Effects Lavender Vanilla and Comfort and trust me guys, AmbiPur Air Effects not only covers the smell but removes it instantly leaving you with sweet lingering smell and immediately transforms your mood and your life to not better but bestest :) 

and rightly said it's much more than a room freshener.It has 4X odour fighting ingredients which act much tougher than the stench and gives you a powerful overhaul of how your house smells instantly from #Smelly To Smiley:) which is too pleasant and lovable to welcome home guests and relief to the people in the home especially kids and old-men.for me, AmbiPure is not just a brand that sells Air fresheners but its an integral part of my household now which makes a house worth living and enjoy every moment.Not to forget, people will sing praises of your house maintenance standards for a long time to come and would love to surprise you anytime so guys!!! My house is Guest-ready, Is your's ?? 

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