Life is a precious gift from god which we generally not live fully; pondering over little things ignoring the happiness and contentment within us and in smallest things happening in our lives on daily basis... I will unfold the beauty of these things through my eyes and my pen.....bringing rays of hope, love and laughter in your world!!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Meet the fantasizer of my life

life is considered ecstasy for a kid who is blessed with loving and reverential parents . Though both the parents are equally amiable for a kid , on one hand mother is quite expressive of her love and her expectations from a child while on the other a father in many cases is not vocal for his dreams that he has espied ever since the child is born... Being a  mother of two, i myself can say that dream bubble goes on escalation with the child growing up day by day. Though i am equally attached to both my parents but when i have to choose one, i am a bit partial towards my father. we both share a peculiar bond that however bad my surrounding or however big my problems are, i can undeniably count on my father to show me the beam. Being a brilliant
child in academics, creativity and extracurricular activities, i have been the favorite of my father among three siblings. A father is the most charismatic guide to your life who not only shows you the right path but prepare you to escalate your wings. A father holds your little finger to teach you to walk and never ever leaves your hand however he's physically he's present with you or not..... He lets you fail to adapt the importance of winning.

Observant of an artistic streak in me;
expressive enough through my writings and drawings, 
my father always thought high of me. 
For him, i was a child of high virtues and high principles. He wanted me to excel in everything i do and shape up
to a good human being. My father was an ultimate dreamer and saw a lot of dreams for his kids. His 40" chest would swell in pride to 60"; the moment his children achieved. Though my father never let me peek in his bundle of dreams he had envisioned for me but he would always motivate me in whatever i did however failing my efforts were but he never let me leave the job in hand incomplete till i let it  complete by my justified standards...My father told me to try everything however impossible it seems and never let it half way. he never interfered unnecessarily in to my life to let me handle my own fights with the circumstances to come victorious.  He coached me to see dreams and get through them with lots of hard work, willingness and persistence. He always strolled along to whatsoever i wished to do. He was my absolute guide and protector however the situation is and put me in tests to analyze my capabilities to act in emergencies or hurries. He would often assessed my behaviour if i only acted as per my heart or by my mind only and told me to strike a balance between the two for sure-shot success.He was never afraid to undertake risks and was a great warrior in the field of life and succeeded primarily and a role model for me to take risks in life to find out my hidden talents. He also maintained cool in almost every situation because cool mind gives you enormous solutions to your problem and if you can't solve the problem, then leave it and move on....  

He yearned for me being self made. He inculcated some life changing elements in his kids's upbringing which ultimately gave us a lot of fodder to grow successful and inspirational to others.One of them was no wastage policy at home because my father always reminded us of those people who don't get meals even two times a day. He told us that we should eat to live, not live to eat and no one dies when they eat less but certainly die if they don't eat et all so instead of wasting food, we should feed those who are starving.      

He always believed that one should take his relationships along while getting up the ladder of success because a household is incomplete if they don't hold their relations and move further. He was a principal believer of  relationships and reinforced that we should not run after material comforts only.

He warned us that we should always feel gratitude for what we have and not be sorry for what we lost while yearning for what we have. 

He never compelled his wishes on his kids or never pressurize social norms on us. He let us fly like free birds> He liberated our souls by emphasizing that under any condition, one must stick to truth however bitter it is because its one thing that's perpetual and eternal. He addicted us to accept our mistakes and rectify them with a big heart. He also encouraged us to respect other's views and listen all but do what your heart and your mind says collectively.

He preferred moral education than bookish education.He helped me achieve a clear vision as to what i want to become in my upcoming life.
He gave me the success mantra on how to use law of attraction for everything in life because we become what we think and attract. He was a perpetual believer in universe and almighty.....

I was unable to peek-a-boo in his heart as to what dreams he had for his children but the characteristics and values he taught us are imprinted on our personalities forever and will be passed to prodigy and no power can deny us the best of life and best of happiness ....thanks paa for being the bestest...

Your indebted Daughter

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