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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I am alone in relationship

Whenever i Google something on Internet, the most searched keywords are love and relationships......with the relationships getting complex and friable; and the egos and attitudes getting massive,every second person searches the Internet for either relationship advice or understanding relationships....... be it understanding the other partner or solving their troubles cropping up......Though relationship is a mutual agreement by two consenting individuals who partner with each other to share their lives either temporary or permanent but why is it so that in majority of liaisons, one partner is the isolated one while the other is oblivious of the situation...why is it so that in a relationship which involves two people voluntarily, one is not et all happy and content while the other keeps changing his objectives of happiness and repletion....what if one partner wanna talk to another and the latter isn't simply interested... the latter may simply reject the proposal which may have many reasons for the person dismissing siting reasons like :

a. he/she may say that the time of stupid talks is over, we are mature individuals not mushy teenagers.

b. he/she may say
that they dont have time for such talks, so be practical and talk only work.

c. he/she may say that you always want to live in dreams or this happens only in movies where the relationship remains happy forever.

d. he/she may say that these are childish talks which don't hold sense all the time.

e. he/she may say that i am overstressed due to work so can't talk...... 

Though the reasons are endless for not being able to give time to your partner for a heartful talk where you still feel fresh going back to the lovesome memories and you still feel cherished and important to your partner......Do you think that the loss of communication happens between the partners in permanent relationships only...the answer is YeSSSSSSS!!!!!! Majorly !!!!!!! So who do you think is worst hit by this arrangement!!!!! ladies!!!!!

"My words look for your eager ears to listen, my expressions and feelings are incomplete and tormented, my heart longs for a heartfelt and blissful conversation, my eyes wanna get lost in the beauty of your love and beauty, my soul is looking for peace in your masculine aroma, i wanna keep my head on your chest and talk all night, i wanna treasure the importance i hold in your heart forever, i wanna feel like a queen of your heart again, i wanna get rosy in the glory of your love and flaunt my beauty hither thither, i wanna bask in the heat of your eyes and tear down, i would love you to restructure me once again with the same passion, i wanna........"  You say, we have grown up but tell me, does heart ever grows up???? I don't know about you but i am a child who loves cuddling and mushing, roses and chocolates, teddies and pink lacy dresses,pampering and praising, outings and surprises, unexpected calls and messages, a pop up cute love letter, a bit of love and understanding, a bit of handling my attitude and anger and......."

Are you alone in your affiliation....you gotta check.... So here are some symptoms that convince you that you are alone in a relationship :-

a. when your partner doesn't care about your feelings and emotions....

b. when your partner ill treats your family members but expect you to take care of his family members....

c. when your partners doesn't bother to ask/share with you the decisions concerning household and your lives collectively....

d. when your partner lives his life individually as he/she was living before the alliance and doesn't feel the need to include you in....

e. when your partner compels you to oblige to his decisions however you disapprove of them....

f. when there is "I" in your relationship rather than "WE"....

Since this is a problem every second couple on earth is facing so practically there is no solution other than if the two individuals involved discuss and sort it our with each other rather than searching websites for guidance or visiting the counselors or involving the individual families...but relationship loses its sanctity and charm the moment your conflicts show in front of society or the cracks in your heart force you to move away.....after all, the fact is that there was no actual partnership but a showoff to show the world that we are a couple"

So, its a heartfelt appeal to all those who feel authoritative and commanding in their own lives and don't need the compulsion to get in to a relationship but do it because of social or peer pressure, please don't....a person full of dreams and wishes gets clubbed to your life and if you don't have guts to act as a partner, at least have the guts to stay all alone, in your manhood....don't ruin an innocent life just to prove a point to society that you are a man enough to afford a partner......ask yourself!!!!! Are you man enough??


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