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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Voyage To Motherhood

As every other normal girl, i had dreams of having a dream partner and living a blissful life with cute little kids. Motherhood is a surprising and thrilling voyage where you fall and get up every other day however prepared you are, you are happy and content amidst all the chaos of circumstances where you are not sure what you will experience next<3 <3 . Motherhood to me has been a journey full of surprises, uncertainties and WHAT-TO-DO-NEXT THINGS for me where i kept running for advises and ways to raise my first child, my son
Agastya. After my marriage and spending initial twenty days with my in-laws, i went along with my hubby to his place where my hubby was posted. New life, new partner, new place, new relationships and i was trying hard to understand all and fit in to it unaware that a brand new mystical relationship was on its way and the test of my virtues and patience is going of begin soon testing me for life for how much pressure i can handle in a go!!!!!!!!  I was barely a month old newly-wed shy bride when suddenly i collapsed on a shop while purchasing for groceries with my dear partner for life <3 <3 . When i opened my eyes, i was on hospital bed for doctor has advised me two day rest as pressure took toll on my health as i was on complete go to decorate my new house (this is what my hubby dear told me). The day i was going to discharge, my gynecologist came to me and asked me certain questions about my life and hobbies in general. Little did i knew what she wanna explode to me seconds later. She asked me if i am ready to become a mother at the same time when i have just become a bride a month ago. It took me seconds to absorb to what the news was!!!!!! At first, i was totally shocked at the revelation because this was not even the last thing on my mind as i just entered in new life afresh and was not able to strike a balance yet with so many relations and this new adorable relationship was knocking at the door to enter my life as well. My doctor told me the technicalities and the emotional turmoil the new arrival may bring along as one may not be able to handle all. she told me that the lack of emotional connect and understanding with my husband may prove to be a major jolt to our new relationship at the time where the new relationship has just begun as i may not be able to devote time and attention to him due to my own physical and emotional needs of pregnancy, mood swings and lack of interest. I listened to her patiently and asked her to send my hubby in when she goes out. I saw my hubby entering and his eyes were twinkling like stars. I decided then and there that i want this child against anything else in this world and however sacrifices i have to face to see this bewitching shine on my darling hubby's innocent face.

As the days progressed so did my pregnancy related problems like nausea, morning sickness, mood swings, disinterest, exertion but my hubby dearest always cheered me up though i was not able to devote complete attention to him, he made every possible effort to make me happy and comfortable. The dilemma of if i will be able to give my 100% to the child after his birth was taking me over as i was stressed and feeling guilty of not being able to give my time and commitment to my hubby as a wife. Amidst all the difficulties, what was soothing me the small talks me and my hubby had for our kid, the shopping sprees for buying colorful clothes, the persistent kicks and movements which i felt inside my tummy, the long walks which my husband took me for, the calls and excitement from everywhere as he was going to be the first child in both families, the yoga sessions along with hubby dear, i was getting ready to embrace motherhood. My body was changing shape and appearance drastically and the stretch marks all over my tummy and my upper thighs were giving me sleepless nights and the feeling of restlessness. Then my best buddy came to my rescue and told me the miraculous effects of Bio-Oil which i used throughout my pregnancy not only on my problem areas with stretch marks but on my face too which is the continued tradition for me till now since i first used it as i am against anti-ageing creams and always prefer pure and organic things than synthetic<3 <3 and you will be amazed to see my glowing skin even after two kids.

Finally, the day came and i became mama to the world's cutest boy whom we lovingly named Agastya because we want him to follow the footsteps of Maharishi Agastya as i heard somewhere that name affects a child's personality and future as well. It was cesarean case as my water ball busted in the night while i was sleeping which i din't get to know for two hours and the doctor strictly advised us against it because it may hamper the child's breathing within.so we went for the operational way and here came the bestest living gift from heaven to us in pink skin and black eyes. He was a piece of miracle looking at the world with his small eyes touching our hearts with his tiny hands <3 <3 . The soft melodious voice and jet black hair left us spellbound. We were smitten by his sweet innocent charms and his charismatic aura.

Four days and back to home.....so here began the litmus test...... Living all alone handling two kids :) (one grown and one infant ) was the toughest challenge ahead of me which i had to conquer so i decided to act fighter so the nappy and cleaning sessions, crying and cuddling sessions, sleeping and waking up at irregular timings sessions began. I would feel half wake up and half slept all the time, my leg would act as a swing even if my child is sleeping on the bed, not in my lap. I would think, sleep, eat, talk,bother about him only. As a doting momma to my child, i would feed him as and when he wanted getting waking up almost 22 hours a day which took a toll on my health as well as my stitches continued to pain and itch as i was not getting rest as prescribed by my gynecologist but in between all this cervical pain which was a silent killer. My husband would handle him after his office hours but my son was adamant not to stay with him but his momma <3 <3 . Juggling all this, i was the most loving and patient momma. my meals and health got haywire but i dint let my sonny boy's routine affect in any way. getting up early, feeding him, massaging him, bathing him, talking to him and noticing his every single activity became my favorite work. the days flew in a jiffy when he started crawling, holding and breaking things and ultimately standing on his tiny feet ready to conquer the world. the most happiest moment of my life was when he called me "mamma" the very first time which i was waiting anxiously for quite a long time. It felt as if i have got salvation or as if someone has put an ice pack on the burns <3 <3 the most magical and enigmatic moment of my life. years getting turned my sonny started prep which was relishing phase teaching him how to write joining the dots and making him read. Time flew away and i got blessed with angel from the almighty. Needless to say they both are apples of my eyes and cooling effect on my soul. I pretend to argue with them when they behave stubborn but surrender soon, such is mother's love. My kids hug me cutely,We have pillow fights, we do cute and naughty photo sessions, we have small discussions sometimes debates with my kids telling me different new information pieces which I never knew existed before, We party while dressed as cartoon characters and behaving as well (my little daughter loves eating ladoo because chota bheem loves it too), we sing rhymes together, we love to fight but we fight for love, my kids teaching me different asanas as taught by baba ramdev . I love to see and explore the world through their eyes and perspectives. Their small little talks and findings keeps me glued to their life. their growth makes me feel proud. Their  hugs feel like the most special treasures of the world. Their praises make me feel on top of the world. They offer me food before eating themselves. They ask me if I am well if anytime they find me lying. Sometimes they are too bossy and dictate their terms on me which are too cute to follow. Being a mother, I am involved in their upbringing and overall development which is wholeheartedly pacifying and electrifying as well. It’s a thrilling, joyous and a roller coaster ride where anything and everything is so sudden and unexpected but still rewarding and colorful.

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