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Friday, 29 May 2015

Summer vacation Special

Hey dear all,summers are here again……..so its fun and travel time. You all must be packing your bags to beat the heat at some cool place to get respite from the scorching heat. The shopping sprees has already begun for the things to be taken along, the places are already being hunt to visit with the Internet connection and Google working overtime...... but all the mommies like me worry a lot about

the health of their kids as the summer season brings along lots of water and air borne diseases and all the bacterias in the world who has been lying dead get reincarnation. So these modern mommies feel traveling with kids a tiring and cumbersome activity.

Hey moms, if you have infused your creativity in your clothing, outlook, food and home decking then why not in traveling with the kids. Traveling smart will actually make you a smart mom. So i am just suggesting you some basic steps to enjoy your holidays outdoors and stay worryfree......

1.Make a list of the places to be visited sequence wise and the duration of stay thereof.

2.Read about the climate conditions of the areas to be visited and the present climate prevailing there.

3.If you are visiting a hot place too then prefer to go from hot to cool and colder, otherwise your child may have chances of falling sick and  not to forget, who relishes hot after cool….not me types…..

4.Arrange clothes as per the sequence and climate of the places to be visited. Not to forget a emergency kit like, small dettol, bandages, beta dine,hand sanitizer,cotton packet, fever and vomit pills, mouth fresheners, constipation pills, loose motion pills, gastric pills and some tangy candies too. Don’t forget to consult the doctor keeping in mind the age of your kids while arranging medicines. Go for kid’s general checkup if you can before starting your journey.

5.If you are going in your car then it’s easier than done. You can carry water carrier, some dry food like khakra, mathri, shakkerpaare, finger chips, glucose packets, some fruits which have less water content in it, etc. if you are going via train then also you can carry these things with you but it will be a cumbersome journey for you. So if you are traveling via train or plane, make it as light as possible in terms of food, clothes, personal belongings so as to minimize your load. But if you have an infant child who is on milk only then its necessary to pack two or three packs of dry milk, three four feeding bottles and a bottle sterilizer with you as its not hygienic outside to sterilize bottles outside.

6.Don’t forget to pack a travel diary, pen, folding knife, folding, scissors and a handy camera to capture sweet memories.

Wishing you a very HAPPY JOURNEY

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