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Saturday, 23 May 2015

early sports a benefactor aid to your upbringing

“I’m blogging about why children should be encouraged to participate in sports from an early age for the #chotaSportstar activity at Sports365.in.

As breathe is to living so a play is to children.......playing is an integral part of growing up that almost every child has faced that "IN" moment in his childhood where he felt like a king (who has just won the entire universe) winning the cricket match or the badminton match with his neighborhood kids. The winner takes pride in being the hero and hogs the limelight wherein the loosers pledge to win next time at any cost aka #chotaSportstar ..... When i was a kid,I used to skip sometimes my homework and would find ways to beep out of house when in afternoon everyone was sleeping around, our gang of six kids(including boys and girls as well) would be playing cricket in our street. Many a times we were caught red handed by our peers especially mothers when they sent lookouts for us after not locating us at home; in blazing sun.Though it was our fault majority of times when
we kids started fighting with each other or celebrated our victory with a shouting/dancing spree halting the mother's sleep halfway and My god!!!!! i still shiver at the thought of punishments :).......seriously,a childhood is a waste if not spent indulging in your favorite sport, kicking and shouting at each other, blaming but still gaming, victories and defeats, proposals and disposals, heads and tails, cheating and accusing, making excuses and finding a third person to sort the matter out, fighting and thus not talking to each other for some hours, missing the sport play when raining heavily or thunderstorms, ego-wars and attitude-tussles...And don't look at me with the weird surprised expression if i say I still miss my growing up years like hell.......playing sports is an inevitable part of kid's life where he gets to learn the important life- skills lessons of his life; some basic and some specific which no school can teach him however expensive.I have seen my big brother sweating it out for cricket with specially formulated exercise regime and a strict diet just for the sake of his first love cricket which he picked up from the neighbor's kids.Even my two year old daughter doesn't differentiate between her home and playground to run her bicycle <3 <3   

I am a hardcore badminton player(though not professional) who loves to sweat it out with my hubby dear or my kids or anyone else who's willing to loose to me. Though i started out at the tender age of five with my mom playing in the evenings on the roadside graduating to playing with my sister where we would forget our routine problems, our pending homeworks, our upcoming exams, our fights in the classroom, scoldings from our mom, people looking at us from every nook and corner, the travelers commuting and just focus how to win.....This is what badminton did to me......focused me more and more on to what i yearned to get!!!!!!!! As i was robust,tall athletic build so at school level i was the state level champion of shot-put and basketball.....my other favorites <3 <3 .....These sports have given me not only fond memories of spending my childhood to the fullest but a world of goodness and fitness. I would love to share my experiences from the sports that i played; expecting the benefits to spread like an epidemic:-

a)Starting with sports in childhood removes mental blocks:- a child indulging in any kind of sports is sure to avail the benefits such as increased mental(brain) development, focus and alertness, tendency to take decisions under stress and to become a great team leader which are serious lifeskills required to lead a successful life ahead so needless to mention i held the posts of head girl of school, the house captain, monitor of class and topper throughout for three consecutive years though my topper position in class remained unchallenged for till i completed my graduation......<3 <3 

b)Smarter and more organized behavior:- Sports is said to make kids more smarter as it exposes the child into the world of handling and cooperating with other kids which ultimately helps the child to work as a team for a specific and common goal and make them great team players in other situations of life as well.

c)Increases competitive spirit:- Starting sports at tender age promotes competitive spirit among kids which is again a major virtue to lead ahead throughout life which in future will ultimately help the child to push his boundaries and perform better than before.

d)Development of self-acceptance :- When the child is initiated in to sports at tender age, his personality is yet to shape up so getting along with others in the sports promotes healthy competition and raises a child's self esteem. On the other hand, if the child faces defeat, he will ultimately learn to face failures in the forthcoming life and adapt self-acceptance as well.

e)Channelizing the energy :- Childhood is the time when kids have so much extra energy which if not channelized properly may get the child indulge in wrong deeds which would not be in his interest.

f)Free play means more creativity without limitations:- Certainly, parents have this fallacious habit of limiting the child's creativity by unnecessarily digging in to why the child is doing what he's doing or why the child is not doing what they expect him to do.....so early sports means more liberty of expression.And who knows that your child may be another Sachin Tendulkar or Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the making........

g)Overall development and skill enhancement:- The child makes new alliances with kids of different religions, castes, backgrounds and languages where in they share what they have got so the child gets unlimited exposure and that too at the age where the child's imbibing power is at its peak.

h)Sportsmanship:-Good sportsmanship is when teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials treat each other with respect. By early interaction with the outer world via sports enable them to understand better how to persevere their innocence and to behave with dignity in society— whether they win or lose a game. Early sports will indulge them in to good sportsmanship which includes both small gestures or heroic efforts. It starts with something as simple as shaking hands with opponents before a game and includes acknowledging good plays made by others and accepting bad calls gracefully. a child who practices good sportsmanship is likely to carry the respect and appreciation of other people into every other aspect of life.

i)Sports are skill oriented :- All those kids who actively participate in any of the sports activity are far ahead than their peers who don't; in terms of development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills which are the key determinants of success later in life. Also, children who engage in sport also fare better in terms of health and general wellbeing........

So, we just discussed all the benefits of introducing sports to your kids at early age but certainly, we should take notice of some other things which are far as important.....

j)Immunity Sports :- Sports are a lifeline to a kid's immune system because in this day and age of tablets, PSP's and Video games, kids are confined to the couches so sports can give a boost to their immunity as well.

But while the child enjoys his day out in the sports field, the parents must ensure to keep the following points in mind while their kids get going:-

a)Sports Injuries:- Parents should be aware that the child must be protected from any kind of "sports injuries" wherein the term “sports injury" refers to the kinds of injuries that most commonly occur during sports or exercise. Some sports injuries result from accidents; others are due to poor training practices, improper equipment, lack of conditioning, or insufficient warm-up and stretching.Although virtually any part of your body can be injured during sports or exercise, the term is typically reserved for injuries that involve the musculoskeletal system, which includes the muscles, bones, and associated tissues like cartilage.

b)Accept your failures and the other team's win with equal ease:- The kids should be taught to enjoy the game while playing not making it a prestige issue so they should be guided about what behavior is appropriate before, during, and after a sporting event.
As parents, we should encourage our kids to play fair, to have fun, and to concentrate on helping the team while polishing their own skills.

c)Let them decide their course of action:- As parents,we should only guide not give directions to our kids, not dictate our terms on how to play. Every individual child has a unique way of playing so let them be torchbearers, not us.....and yes!!!!!!! Not to forget, don't burden the child with your own expectations, the child himself has enough expectations from his own sport.....

d)Motivation is the key :- Never criticize your child for his game if he lost but motivate him for future and offer a treat for the good game he played.If your child feels weak at a particular skill, offer to work on it together before the next game. 

e)Don't push them :- Remember that its your kid's life and the sport should be of his interest and liking.Don't push them into a sport because it's what you enjoyed. Let them choose what sports they want to play and decide the level of commitment they want to make.And if your child shows the symptoms of a professional player in the making.....go for professional training and professional kits as well...

f)Positive perspective:- Its just a game and only one can win so be positive for future and enjoy the sport along with your #chotaSportstar for your child is acquiring so much new knowledge,new skills, new friends, and attitudes that can help all through life. 

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